What man of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings are you?
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What man of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings are you?

Have you ever wondered which brave, triumphant, man of Gondor you are? These soldiers helped middle earth against evil in its time of need. These swordsmen are some of middle earth's bravest.

Question 1:   What do you think of yourself?
I find myself brave and noble.
I think I don't get enough credit for what I do.
I think good of myself but I am not arrogant.
I love my job and I think I am good at it.

Question 2:   What are some of your hobbies?
I like to be with my friends.
I play an instrument.
I love reading and listening to music.
I like to be alone and help my friends sometimes.

Question 3:   What are you described as by your peers?
Quiet and deserving of recognition.
Loud and sometimes mean.
Loyal and brave.

Question 4:   What is your dream job?
An athlete.
My job right now is fine.
Something that requires smarts, and quick thinking.

Question 5:   When do you feel sad or crummy about yourself?
When things don't go my way.
I never feel bad about myself.
When people yell or get mad at me.
When my friends have to leave.

Question 6:   Where do you spend most of your time?
In my room.
Outside with my friends.
I move from place to place frequently.
In a little treehouse, or the library.

Question 7:   What is your favorite sport?
Anything as long as I'm watching and not playing.
I love all sports.

Question 8:   What animal is coolest?
A mouse or rodent.
A lion.
A high flying robin.
A noble eagle.

Question 9:   Do you plan on getting married?
I've never really thought about it.
Yes eventually.
Well I guess...
I am already married.

Question 10:   Have you ever been jealous of someone?
No not really.
yes my friend.
yes the rest of my family.

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