What Lord of the Rings race are you?
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What Lord of the Rings race are you?

What Lord of the Rings race are you?

Question 1:What weapon do you use?
Notched Sword

Question 2:Hobbits....
They're not THAT short, what are those men thinking?
Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!!!
They're halflings, children to our eyes
Some are taller than I
They're cute little beings, in a land far to the west

Question 3:Saruman...
Close your ears, he'll put a spell on you!!
He's fairly powerful....toss me an axe, I'll take him down!!
A tall, scary wizard-man
I will fight for Saruman to the death!!
A white wizard, cloaked, walks freely in the night....

Question 4:If you had the ring in your possession.....
I could....use the ring.....to do good....
It's just a ring, grime some gold and I can make one!!
My precious......
Take it to Sauron!! Deliver it back!!
Destroy it!!

Question 5:Hair and Facial Hair
To my shoulders, sometimes curly, sometimes straight
Down to my back, and a beard!! A long, long beard!!
I don't know if I have hair....I wear a helmet all the time....
Blonde hair to my mid-back
Curly and short, that's how I like it!!

Question 6:Elves...
Think they're all bad cuz they're tall!!
We're going to see elves!!
I used to be one....ages ago....
They're my buds!!
I am of that kin

Question 7:Moria....
It's a hole....but not as comfortable as my home
The halls of Dwarrowdelf are unusually quiet.....
Moria houses evil beyond comprehension!! Balrog!!
I loved it when we took down those stupid dwarves!!
Where's Balin and Dwalin? I've come to meet my cousins!!

Question 8:Your personality....

Question 9:A close friend dies in battle...
Kneel by their side, and help them until they're cut off
Let out a mighty battle cry, and fight in a furious rage
Glad I'm not him!!
Rush over to help them
Chop the assassin's head off!!

Question 10:Swords...
I can use a sword, but prefer a bow
Notch it to make the cut worse!!
I love them, they're lightweight and fatal
Too dinky, but it'll get the job done
Too big, long, and bulky

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