Find out what Lord of the Rings fellowship race you belong to!
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Find out what Lord of the Rings fellowship race you belong to!

Find out if you are hobbit, human, istari, dwarve or elve! (Ents not included as they were not represented in the fellowship)

Question 1:Which of the following MOST describes you? Choose only one.
Captain of the athletic team
Happiest when at home with your family
The leader at recent antiwar protests
High school valedictorian and prom queen/king
An average person, taking this test for no other reason than that they are bored

Question 2:Describe your fashion style
Same as above, only I also like wearing stuff that I mined-er-made
What ever is most comfortable
Whatever I see at the store
Simple, but very attractive
Fashion?! What is fashion?

Question 3:What sport would you play?
Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer
Wrestling/weightlifting or other strength activity
Armchair quaterback
The coach or the ref

Question 4:What professions might you consider yourself attracted to?
Teacher or other education profession
Political something or other
Grunt work/anything involving strength more than smarts
Agriculture or other food businesses

Question 5:It is better to save others before yourself
Very much agree
Disagree somewhat
Strongly agree

Question 6:Does this sound familiar: i lam Thindrim
Yes, I know what it is, but it is not that important to me
No, and nor do I wish it did
Not really
Of course it does!
I might have heard it before, but don't fully know it.

Question 7:What colors have you used to decorate your room/house?
Greens, blues, and bright colors
Greys and whites, maybe some brown as well
Darker shades of colors, using many colors, but dark shades of them
Dark blues and black; maybe a dark grey as well
Yellows and oranges, with some red and silver

Question 8:What is the most beautiful landscape?
Don't know; never pay much attention to nature
All of nature is beautiful
Wonderful mountains
A nice countryside
A beautiful forest

Question 9:Do you believe in fate?
Everything has a purpose in the grand scheme of things
Yes, but one can change it if they wish
Depends on the situation
Don't think about it much

Question 10:Do you enjoy your life?
Don't really think about it much
Very much so
It seems to be lacking deeper meaning
What's important is not the quality of my life but the quality of the lives of others
Could be better; but I am happy for the moment

Question 11:Did you enjoy history classes?
It was pretty bad
I enjoyed it; though I already knew the material that was taught
Wasn't too bad
Yes, very much so
I sat through it.

Question 12:Would you join an army?
I would learn to fight, but I wouldn't join an army
Only if forced to.
Yes, for the defense of my home.
It would depend on the situation
I would learn to fight if needed, but I would advocate peace unless no other solution could be reached.

Question 13:How many siblings do you have?
Too many to count
Not too many
Two or three; fairly close with them
Only 1 or 2, and I'm not close to any of them
Only child

Question 14:Do you have a beard (girls, pretend you are a guy)
Nothing below the chin.
Yes, and it's so long it's unseparable from my hair
Maybe some stubble
No. Absolutely not.

Question 15:Where am I most likely to find you?
With my friends, at our meeting place
By myself most likely
At home
Dunno, could be anywhere, really
By myself, in my room

Question 16:Which Tolkien work did you enjoy the most?
Love 'em all
The Hobbit or the Trilogy, can't decide
The Return of the King, and or The Two Towers
The Silmarrillion
The Hobbit, but The Fellowship of the Ring was enjoyable as well

Question 17:Does a plate of Lobster over pasta sound good to you?
It's food. Good enough for me.
No opinion
It sounds ok, but it's missing something
Where's the meat?
Worth a try

Question 18:Which author (non-Tolkien) can I find on your bookshelf?
Most authors
More likely to find magazines than books
Almost every author available
CS Lewis or JK Rowling
Tom Clancy or WEB Griffin

Question 19:How is your hair worn?
Simple, but elegant
Run a brush through it in the morning
Its worn under a hat
However I wake up

Question 20:If you came upon a Palantir, would you look into it?
't would be tempting but no.
Are you kidding? You wouldn't know who else has one
I'd try not to.

Question 21:You have a slight cold. Do you call in sick?
It would depend on the nature of the illness
I'm never sick
Yes. Of course.
Only if I was on my deathbed
I'd want to

Question 22:How many stories is your house?
I live on the top floor of an apartment-or another very high location
right now one, but I'm still working on it
I live in my basement!
Two or three

Question 23:Which is the worst situation?
To be exiled from your homeland
For there to be famine and strife
To feel as if your life is meaningless
For there to be nothing you can do to make a situation better
To be tortured by your own kind

Question 24:What do you think of this test?
I have figured out already what I am
I love it!
It's not to bad
Why do you care?
It's OK

Question 25:What is your weapon of choice?
Whatever's available
Anything heavy, used for crushing
Something I can use at a distance

Question 26:What do you think of witchcraft and magic?
There's no such thing as magic.
It can be quite useful
You mean it exists?
A necessity of life
Never thought about it

Question 27:What do you think of music
Not too into it; but still think its important
I love dancing
It's ok
It is wonderful to sing and play
Depends on the type of music

Question 28:Which line are you likely to utter in the movie?
I've put this off for far too long what to do with the time that is given to us
It is strange we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing
I amar prestar em
Never trust an elf!

Question 29:What are you thinking right now?
Not sure I know what you mean
You've run out of good question ideas
I'm hungry. hurry this thing up!
Of that place you miss so much
Of my family and friends

Question 30:The last question. How relieved are you?
Nice to be finished
What do you mean relieved?
I wanna see who I am!
Well, I was never under stress.

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