What Race of Middle Earth are You?
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What Race of Middle Earth are You?

Are you curious about what race you would be in Middle Earth? Are you completely bored at the moment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, take the quiz!

Question 1:What would you most enjoy doing?
Something artistic: painting, dancing, playing music
Something with your hands: building, constructing
Something athletic: working out, basketball

Question 2:Where would you most like to live?
In or near a cave; somewhere dark
A small town, surrounded by beautiful scenery and rolling hills
A secluded place, by a river with a nice view of the stars
A city with lots of buildings and lots people

Question 3:What do you like to eat?
Big meals with a variety of food
Light meals; lots of bread and noodles
Junk food!
Meat, and lots of it!

Question 4:There's a big battle, and you have to fight. What weapon would you use?
Whatever I can lift off of the ground
Long, heavy sword
Battle ax
Bow and arrow or a knife

Question 5:People are most likely to describe you as...
Active, acts on impulses, talkative
Creative, quiet, mysterious
Tough, secretive
Funny, appreciates the simple things in life

Question 6:Back to that battle... The enemy is running at you. You yell...
Nothing. You just scream your head off
Fear the sword of (insert name here)!
I'll kill you all! You %#$%#$%#! Die! Die!

Question 7:Which of nature's wonders is the most wonderful?
The stars
The mountains
The flowers
The caves

Question 8:You're slogan is...
Grr. Get out of my way.
There's joy in a simple life
Something deep that nobody else seems to understand
Life's too short to drink cheap wine

Question 9:How often do you read books?
Never. Books are for wimps.
Do cookbooks count?
Sometimes, if there's action and adventure in them.
All the time.

Question 10:So why did you take this test?
You had better give me good results. Grr.
I was hoping for some insight about my personality.
It sounded like fun.
I wanted to know what race in Middle Earth I am. Wasn't that the whole point?

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