What race of Middle Earth are you?
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What race of Middle Earth are you?

Find out if you're a hobbit, dwarf, elf, man, or wizard!

Question 1:Where would your ideal vacation be?
The Shire, where I could visit my friends
Deep in the mountains with my closest friends
A forest, where I could look at the stars and marvel at the wonders of nature.
Roaming the wilderness alone
Going a picnic in a meadow with lots of friends

Question 2:What is your weapon of choice?
My trusty sword
My staff
A small sword and some stones
Bow and arrows
My pretty axe

Question 3:What is your favorite food?
Lambas bread
I eat whatever I can find
Cake and ale
I whatever the people around me are eating

Question 4:How tall are you?
Very tall
Very short
Average height

Question 5:Where are you during a party?
Laughing with all my friends
I sit in a corner and just observe
In the bathroom, checking up on my appearance
Participating in an arm wrestling contest
I was delayed, so I missed the party

Question 6:What is your best physical feature?
My hair
My nose
My hands
My beard
My feet

Question 7:What do you do for fun?
Host feasts in my cave
Practice my sword skills
Read books
Mischievous things with my friends
Ride my horse

Question 8:How do people usually describe you?
Deep and mysterious
Tough and gruff
Fun and taking the joy in simple things
Wise and gentle
Deep and a quick thinker

Question 9:How do you feel about the other races of Middle Earth?
I am working to unite all the races of Middle Earth
Those dwarves really aren't all that bad
I get along well with the races of Middle Earth, often living among many different races
I have just started to warm up to the elves
I am always willing to meet new friends, especially if they are elves

Question 10:What is your favorite part of nature?
All the places where I can hide
The stars
The flowers
The mountains
The animals

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