Which Lord of the Rings Race Are You?
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Which Lord of the Rings Race Are You?

Are you a hobbit, elf, wizard, man or dwarf?

Question 1:Where would you prefer to live?
In a mountain.
A hole in the ground.
A huge castle.
A regular house.
The enchanted forest.

Question 2:Which height describes you the most?
I'm really short.
I'm very tall.
I'm short.
I'm a bit taller than normal.
I'm perfectly normal.

Question 3:Which weapon would you choose to use?
Cold steel.
A bow and arrow.
A magical staff.
I don't fight.
An axe.

Question 4:Which would you most likely say?
Would you like a cup of tea?
'If you’re talking about the dragon incident...'
I scarcely speak.
'You can't give this to me-'
'My cousin - - - - - will give us a royal welcome.'

Question 5:Which are you less likely to do?
Associate with other races.
Be king.
Give up my magical powers.
Leave the mines.
Go on an adventure.

Question 6:Which part would you rather take on a long quest?
To confront danger and death.
Find adventure.
Do something.
Help those who need it.
Find my future.

Question 7:What do you prize the most?

Question 8:Which would you most likely seek out?
A woman.
A creature who is bound to destruction and is slimy green.
A fair queen.
The king of all horses.

Question 9:Who or what do you love, or who is close in your family?
A fair queen.
Two woman.
A hobbit.

Question 10:Which would you rather be?

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