Which Lord of The Rings race are you?
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Which Lord of The Rings race are you?

Take this quick quiz to determine which race you are! -Lady Galadriel

Question 1:Which location would you most desire to live at in Middle-earth?
Mirkwood, Rivendell or Lothlorien
A Castle
A Huge Palace
The Shire

Question 2:What clothes would you most be comfortable in wearing?
Lots of protective chain complete with helmet!
Anything normal...
Brown clothes to blend with the background
Light mossy green robes
Floaty Robes

Question 3:And how about your hair? What hair would suit you?
Black hair, just shoulder length
A mass of curly hair, can't even use a brush on it!
Long sleek blonde hair. Nice and tidy
A long white beard does me fine
Curly and short!

Question 4:What weapon would you use in battle?
An axe
Trusty sword
A Bow and Arrow
A small dagger
A staff or wand

Question 5:If you could have the one ring what would you use it's powers for?
Destroy it, That's the wisest thing to do!
Gold And Jewels!
Hide it away forever!
Save the Elves from going extinct
Save the world from evil!

Question 6:What's your favourite character from Lord of The Rings?

Question 7:Your favourite scene in the Fellowship of The Ring?
Aragorn and Arwen kissing, awww bless!
The Shire scene, so happy *beams*
Lady Galadriel's mirror
The Mines of Morier
When Gandalf is at the top of the tower, mwa ha ha

Question 8:If you saw your friend about to be killed would you:
Not get involved, too risky you might get in harm!
Use violence. Lots of it.
Have a quiet word to sort things out
Act the hero and leap upon the enemy
Cast some magical spell on them

Question 9:What body part would you desire most about your body?
Just stay as I am thanks!
Be short!
Pointy Ears!
Magical Veins!
Furry Feet!

Question 10:Finally, how would you like to travel?
By Foot
By boat
By Horse
By Car
By Eagle!

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