LOTR, do YOU like Orcs?
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LOTR, do YOU like Orcs?

Read the title! Jk, take this to see if you really do like Orcs! Or maybe not....whether you do or don't, take it!

Question 1:Do you like to save Orc pictures on your computer?
Question 2:Does your heart beat every time your see an Orc on a LOTR movie?
Question 3:Do you want to be married to an Orc?
Question 4:Do you know the names of at least 5 Orcs?
Question 5:Do you write poems about Orcs?
Question 6:Do you dream about Orcs?
Question 7:If Orcs existed, would you die for one of them?
Question 8:Can you tell them apart?
Question 9:Do you want to, or do, know Black Speech?
Question 10:Are Orcs in your mind all the time?
Question 11:Do you collect Orc figures?
Question 12:Did you cry when Orcs died in the movies?
Question 13:Do you feel lost in a world of Orc-haters when you're an Orc-lover?
Question 14:Do you want to, or do, write essays about Orcs?
Question 15:Are you in love with a particular one?
Question 16:If not, are you in love with them all?
Question 17:Do you write fanfics about Orcs?
Question 18:Do you make up names for Orcs who have no name in the movies?
Question 19:Do you curse Orc haters?
Question 20:Do you daydream about Orcs?

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