Which Lord of the Rings villain are you?
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Which Lord of the Rings villain are you?

Have you ever wondered which Lord of the Rings baddie you are most like? Now is your chance to find out. (Please note this really doesn't mean your evil)

Question 1:   Are you considered a bully?
No not really...
Yes, other bullies use me for their work sometimes.
Yes, everyone fears me.

Question 2:   What would your ideal pet be?
A grimly snake.
A simple fish.
I don't need pets.

Question 3:   What are your favorite foods?
Nothing healthy.
The finer foods.
I crave seafood.

Question 4:   What do you think of school?
School is for sissies.
Ha ha school, you’re kidding right?
School is just a fond memory.

Question 5:   What do you do with your spare time?
Look for lost items.
Go online and chat with my friends.
Look for someone to bully around.

Question 6:   Do you look up to anybody?
No, I hate everybody.
No, I am my own man.
Yes, he's like a father to me.

Question 7:   What's your purpose in life?
To destroy all that's good.
Really, you can tell me.
To be a dictator.

Question 8:   Where would you live?
Among crowds.
Somewhere where me and my love could live alone.
Somewhere high and hot.

Question 9:   People often call you ...
a pawn in a chess set of EVIL!
a bully of the worst sort.
To miserable for words...

Question 10:   Do you consider yourself evil...
I guess I'm evil but it's for technology...
I think I'm evil but I can be good too.
Sorta but I'm doing what I think is... aww heck who I am I kidding, I'm as bad as they come!

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