Are you Spider-Man, Superman, or Daredevil?
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Are you Spider-Man, Superman, or Daredevil?

Which famous super hero out of all three above are you?

Question 1:Look at yourself in the mirror... What do you see?
I'm clean-cut, my hair is parted over to one side above my forehead, and I am wearing jeans and a shirt.
I can't see much except that I'm wearing a pair of cool sunglasses and a suit.
I've got glasses on, my hair is slicked back, I'm pretty muscular, and I'm wearing a suit for work.

Question 2:You are employed. What is your job?
Take pictures of yourself in super hero disguise to make money to contribute to the household.
I'm a lawyer. Justice is mine.
I write stories for a newspaper.

Question 3:Your lovelife is...
Off and on. The girl I love knows about my powers and is afraid I'll choose them over her when it comes to saving lives.
Shattered. Everyone I ever have loved is dead or gone...
I can't have the girl that I really want. I get mixed signals from her all the time at work.

Question 4:During a fight, you overhear someone saying that your most beloved family member is sick and has been taken to the hospital! You...
Abandon the fight. Your family member is so much more important and they need you!
Will figure it out later. The law has been broken and justice MUST be served!
Promise yourself that when the fight is over you will make your fight an exclusive story, publish it, and get them the money they need for any operation or medicine.

Question 5:Who knows about your secret identity?
The girl I love, the woman that has raised me her whole life, and the villain that died after finding out.
The girl that I love knew my identity, but now she is dead.
Nobody, but I want to tell the girl that I love about it! I just can't take the risk!

Question 6:When in battle, you...
Taunt the enemy and crack funny jokes while kicking ass at the same time!
Stay quiet and beat the crap out of your nemesis.
Go berserk with strength and power to defeat your enemy.

Question 7:You are best known as a hero for your...
Actions. There's always a news article about me in the paper contradicting my heroic deeds. Some see me as a hero, others a menace to society. I can never win!
Purpose. Justice must be served and you make your enemies aware of that.
Strength. I protect the city from all that is weaker than I and they appreciate it.

Question 8:The people around you socially do what to you?
Pick on me constantly and call me puny because I'm smart.
Hardly pay attention to me. I'm blind and I can't see them, or so they think.
Admire me for the work that I have done with the news columns.

Question 9:Do you have a lot of friends?
Only ones who will accept me for who I am and don't care that I am smart.
Not really. The people I work with are my friends.
A few, but I mostly consider the girl I love my best friend.

Question 10:And finally... what's your greatest weapon against the enemy?
My agility and speed. I'm as fast and strong as a spider.
My radar sense and quick thinking.
My strength and supernatural abilities.

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