What marvel character are you?

Are you a MARVEL character? Find out in this quiz.

Question 1:   Do you like crushing walls?
Yeah, but only if I have to.
No, I stick to them.
Of course! Me like crushing!
I have the power to.
Of course not!

Question 2:   If you had to save a city, state, or country, which would you save?
Queens (City)
New Hampshire (State)
I'd stay with my team, whatever they want!
I wouldn't save one, I'd take over the U.S!

Question 3:   Who would you want to destroy most?
The whole world!
I don't know, uh, Magneto, or Toad...
Everyone of my main enemies.
I'd kill all of the X-Men!

Question 4:   If you were to increase your power, what would you make it?
I'd permanently do what I do!
I'd want to change to a human, to a metal creature!
I'd want to be able to control more than what I can!
I'd be stronger
I'd choke bad guys with my power!

Question 5:   If you were to help another Marvel character, who would you help?
The Blob!
No one!
I can't think of anyone.
No one! I rule ALL!

Question 6:   Who do you like fighting best?
Green Goblin
Bad guys!
An Army!

Question 7:   Would you rather...
Have fun with other people's powers
Stab people
Reck all metal objects
Play with bugs
Smash stuff

Question 8:   If you were able to drive, what would you drive?
I'd get a hot red convertible. Maybe a Civic!
I'd just drive a motorcycle
I'd get a green monster truck!
I'd drive a spider!
I'd drive a nice rally car that's black!

Question 9:   If you were to brainwash someone, and tell them that they're on your side, who would it be?
Anyone, I don't care!
Any bad guy!

Question 10:   If you had a weapon, what would it be?
A Rocket Launcher for an arm!
A gun that sucks the power right out of people!
A spiked staff, that you can hold in the middle.
I silk gun. Tie up everyone!
Any powerful gun!

Question 11:   If you wanted to be brainwashed, whose side would you want to go on?
I'm neutral!
Doctor Octopus

Question 12:   If you would have a side-kick, what would be his/her name?
S Boy
Mini Bash!

This Quiz has been designed by David Laskin.