Marvel Characters!
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Marvel Characters!

Marvel Enterprises has developed an intriguing mythology that continues to enthrall the public. The secret to their success is that they have created a vast amount of diverse and complicated characters that the readers can relate to. Now, find out which Marvel character you resemble!

Question 1:   What is your greatest flaw?
My lack of foresight
My arrogance
I’m self-effacing
An admitted ignorance
My rage

Question 2:   Who is your closest friend?
A rival intellect
An acknowledged mentor
A former enemy
An employee
A personal protégé

Question 3:   What is your greatest fear?
Making a fatal mistake
Complete seclusion
Discrediting my reputation
Lashing out at loved ones
Losing my sanity

Question 4:   How do you combat obstacles?
I remain persistent and determined
I dig thru the mountain
I search for outside aid
I use humor and humility
I consider and rationalize the situation

Question 5:   Which best explains your view on death?
I still have miles before I can sleep
It ends one life, but ruins many others
It’s a mystery that I have often pondered
It’s an unfortunate, but necessary occurrence
It’s an eventual reunion with loved ones

Question 6:   What is modern society’s greatest flaw?
A lack of appreciation towards living life
There are secrets and hidden agendas within countries
There’s inadequate funding for medicine and studies
Leaders are disregarding inevitable consequences
The progressive interest in materialistic items

Question 7:   What kind of character would represent your antagonist?
A notable foil
A great man that was tempted to darkness
An embodiment of evil and hatred
Someone who has the complete opposite of my abilities
A comical, but insane figure

Question 8:   In a previous life, what historical figure/character would you have been?
A samurai
An alchemist
A British peasant who’s loyal to the monarch
An Indian chief
A knight in shining armor

Question 9:   Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?
I would be semi-retired and continuing to raise a family
I would soar in my career, keeping myself financially secure
I would be doing the same thing I’m doing now
I would continue the good fight under different circumstances
I would be retired and keeping myself interested in various things

Question 10:   What is your greatest personality trait?
My character and integrity
My committed attitude
My eager and zealous attitude
My intellect and wisdom
My honor

Question 11:   In your spare time, what do you do?
I don’t have spare time
I socialize with friends
I use the Internet
I focus on later tasks
I relax

Question 12:   What is an ideal job for you?
A member of law enforcement
A teacher
The president
A chemist
An athlete

Question 13:   If you could be a superhero, what power would you want?
Anything forceful
Perfect physique
The ability to read minds

Question 14:   If you were forced to write an autobiography, what would be its theme?
A comedy of errors
A reflected memoir
An outlet to admit one’s sins
An outlet to admit one’s regrets
A series of instructions in how to achieve success

Question 15:   What is the highlighted event in your daily schedule?
Harassing the boss
Going to a bar
Taking advantage of the job’s privileges
Confronting newly raised issues

Question 16:   Who would be your dream date?
A supportive and caring person
A former confidant
A highly motivated and strong individual
A close friend and colleague
A supermodel!

Question 17:   Which movie character is most like you?
James Bond, Dr. No
The Bride, Kill Bill
Rocky Balboa, Rocky
John Nash, A Beautiful Mind
Tom Hanks’ character, Saving Private Ryan

Question 18:   What do you order in a restaurant?
Chinese food
Filet mignon or escargot
A cheeseburger
Anything, as long as it isn’t on the menu

Question 19:   If a family member past away, how would you react?
I would try to keep my mind busy
I would be remorseful for wasted time
I would be emotionally crushed, but present a stable image
I would fall into depression
I would grow angered and violent

Question 20:   What is your greatest hope?
That tomorrow will be a better day
I will not be forgotten
My mentor would approve and admire my actions
I inspire others
In the end of the day, I have made a difference

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