What Movie Character are You?
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What Movie Character are You?

Well you know who you are on the OUTSIDE, but what's your inner movie character? Take this non-scientific test and find out...

Question 1:In school, you're considered to be:
The class clown
The mysterious one
Misunderstood. And who cares?
The center of attention!

Question 2:Favorite TV channel out of these:
Whatever's on...
Court TV
Comedy Central

Question 3:It's Halloween! You're going trick-or-TRICKING as a:
Music or Movie star
Cheerleader! A dead cheerleader!
The bad guy.
Something that will scare the crap out of everyone else

Question 4:Your dream soulmate is most like which of the following?
Caring, trustworthy, and loving
Someone who will make you smile, fun to be around
Attractive, nice, and sweet.
A little bit of them all.

Question 5:Dude! You get to dye your hair! What color is it going to be?
You're getting a wig!
Pink or Purple

Question 6:In school, you...?
Snarfed milk or some other beverage out of your nose
Kissed in the hall...
Had your discman taken away for 'foul' lyrics on your CD
Stealing something from someone's locker

Question 7:What's your favorite food out of these?
Ramen noodles

Question 8:Saturday night. It's summer. Where are you?
Sneaking around town and waiting until all the stores close
At home catching SNL.
At the movies, mall, with friends...

Question 9:Favorite letter?
Z or E

Question 10:Alright, last question... how are you feeling right now?
Devious... heh heh heh
Annoyed, that song is still stuck in your head.
Empowered, damn, you finished the quiz!
Energetic, time for a spaz attack (post-caffiene high)

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