Teen Cult Films
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Teen Cult Films

What teen Cult Film should you have been in (Clueless, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Ferris Beuller or American Pie)

Question 1:What kind of Shoes are you wearing?
Ryder Sandles
Heeled Boots
Steve Maddens
Tennis Shoes
Nike Runners

Question 2:Your Friends are?
A tight nit group
A bit disfunctional
Fashion consultants
Same bestfriend your whole life....plus everyone in your highschool
Everyones cool

Question 3:Your idea of fun is:
A Protest
Being The Centre of Attention
The Mall
Bush Party
House Party

Question 4:The TV Character you relate most to is?
Hyde From That 70's Show
Eric From That 70's Show
They should not have cancelled That 80's Show
Jackie From that 70's Show
Kelso From that 70's Show

Question 5:The store you shop most at is:
Thrift Shops
Abecrombie and Fitch
Suzy Sheir
American Eagle

Question 6:For Halloween you go as:
You throw something together last minute and still take home the prize for best costume
Sperm..or something else sexual
Something not from this decade
Your Favourite Singer
A devil..in a hot red dress or nice suit

Question 7:In Highschool you were:
"A Jock"
"Big Guy/Girl on Campus"

Question 8:The music you like best out of the following is:
The Beatles
So much good stuff out there
Whatever MTV is playing
Classic Rock

Question 9:You drink to the point of:
With Friends just to loosen up
Just a bit socially
For Fun at Parties
Alcohol Poisoning
Passing out

Question 10:At a School dance you'd be the one:
With my friends just having a good time
Rockin in the Pit...do they have pits at dances?
Trying to hit it up with some hottie
Being the envy of everyone
Centre of Attention making everyone laugh

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