Which kind of movie star are you?
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Which kind of movie star are you?

You are famous. You are rich and you are loveable. Everyone wants to be you. But exactly which KIND of movie star are you?

Question 1:How did you get famous?
Slept with the director.
Went through years of college, plays, and then finally got discovered
Auditioned for a movie one day and got in

Question 2:Your friends and family...
No time for them. I'm focused and determined on my career.
If I see them I see them, if I don't I don't.
Through my hectic schedule, I still see them everyday and if I don't I contact them daily.

Question 3:Your favorite role...
Any of them
The cocky one who dominated the movie
The heartfelt performance of the mother that had to go to jail and leave her family behind

Question 4:You get out of the limo. Fans want some autographs.
Go past them. Don't feel like dealing with them.
Give autographs to some of them - time depending
Graciously give each fan an autograph one fan at a time

Question 5:You are scheduled for an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In your dressing room...
pure chocolate, Evian water, my dog, 3 people, a TV, and a stereo - the works must be in the dressing room
I would just like a friend and some of my favorite foods in the dressing room
any dressing room will do - I just need to get ready quickly.

Question 6:At the Academy Awards, you wear...
something that gives me a sense of self style and worth
something that is easy and quick to find
direct from italy, something very costly

Question 7:When you see Joan Rivers, you...
Say hi when she says hi and move on
Push that bitch out of the way.
graciously engage in a conversation with her. Although she is mean sometimes, she makes the Oscars the Oscars!

Question 8:You made a great movie nominated for an Academy Award - someone else wins...
Go up to her and tell her that you should have won and ask her why the hell she won. Life isn't fair I worked hard for this award and lost to YOU!
Congratulate her. You were good but she deserved it. She was amazing.
Life will go on. You aren't excited but, hey, you know you worked hard.

Question 9:Your favorite TV show...
From Martha's Kitchen
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Days of our Lives

Question 10:You read in National Enquirer something that isn't true about you. You...
are a little upset because why spread rumors that aren't true?
track down whoever wrote it...they are dead. can't these losers find anything else to do in their free time?
don't worry about it. You laugh it off as you know whoever wrote it meant well and some lies can even be funny.

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