Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character are you?
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Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character are you?

Are you from the future, or long ago in a galaxy far far away? Do you live in Middle Earth, or are you a wizard/witch in training? Are you in Starfleet or part of The Collective... Find out Now!

Question 1:Where is your ideal home?
On a very large spaceship exploring new places to call home.
In a medieval Earth-like setting where you never know who you're going to meet or kill.
On the ultimate technological power of the galaxy with the ability to blow up planets and stuff...
In a really old boarding castle with good friends, a lot of classes, and Quidditch practice every night.
In a desert ghost town you're dying to leave because it it too boring, or overrun by gangsters.

Question 2:In your spare time, you prefer to...
Save the universe from total destruction.
Play all the quidditch you can, or become invisible under a cloak.
Hook up with all the hot races of aliens you can...
Find a quest to join for the good of all, because the woods are boring.
Be the one and only ruler of all the known Universe...

Question 3:Your ideal weapon to take into battle is...
A bow, a sword, a spear, some knives....whatever I can get my hands on.
My starship... the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy...
A light saber, a blaster and a knowledge of the Force...
What are kidding? My wand of course...
I prefer exploring to fighting...

Question 4:You prefer to read...
J.K. Rowling
J.R.R. Tolkien
Piers Anthony
People's Minds
Video Game Bios

Question 5:Your Alter-ego is...
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Harry Potter
Captain James T. Kirk

Question 6:For a vacation you would go to...
Rigel 7
Somewhere warmer than Scotland
Who has time for vacation?
Anywhere there is no school, orcs, or stormtroopers

Question 7:You would rather have a role in which movie/s?
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek
Why aren't there any Matrix questions?

Question 8:You would get the best advice from...
Lt Cmdr. Data
Who needs advice, I already know it all.
I trust my own instincts, but I listen to others when I have time, or when I care.

Question 9:The coolest characters ever can be found...
In Middle Earth
In the Gryffindor Tower
On Tatooine at some point
With Charles Xavier somewhere...
Hearing the words "Resistance is Futile..."

Question 10:If I could create a super-series of books, movies, games or comics, it would include...
Lots of magic and kids who knew their #%&#@
Lots of battle for glory, honor and the salvation of humankind...
Lots of technology, and really cool starship captains.
People in the "real" world who aren't what they seem...
Why write when I can RP all of this stuff anyway?

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