What Old Movie Monster Are You?
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What Old Movie Monster Are You?

Could you be Dracula? Or Frankenstein? Maybe the Creature from the Black Lagoon? Or even the Mummy? Whichever of these creatures could you possibly be?

Question 1:What is your favorite activity?
Draining the life of others
Creating monsters that go on killing rampages
Attacking *innocent* people who awaken you
Kidnap people and kill their rescuers

Question 2:What is your favorite food?
I don't eat; my mouth is sewn shut
Scarab beetles

Question 3:What is your favorite movie?
The Mummy II
Creature From the Black Lagoon

Question 4:Do you like ducks?
Yes, they are very good raw
Yes, lightly roasted
Only if they are mummified
Only with fish and tartar sauce

Question 5:Do you like sunlight?
Not particularly
No, it dries out my scales

Question 6:Do you scare people?
Only when I smile
Yes, they all run away *sniff*
Yes, they all fear my curses of the dead
Yes, because I am unspeakably ugly

Question 7:Did you like the movie Hannibal?
Yes, the blood looked good enough to drink
No comment
Yes, I also enjoy eating people
No, there wasn't enough water in it.

Question 8:Does running water bother you?
Yes, it reminds of a bad experience
Yes, it could ruin my bandages
No, it reminds me of home

Question 9:Can you fly?
Yes, of course
Does falling count?
If I fall and miss the ground, yes
Sadly, no

Question 10:Which century were you born in?
The fourteenth century
The eighteenth century
The negative twelfth century
The twenty-first century

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