What Moulin Rouge Character are You?
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What Moulin Rouge Character are You?

I know that you have been dying to know! So come on and find out who you would have been at the Moulin, then you can party like is 1899!

Question 1:What is your ideal occupation?

Question 2:What would you really prefer to be doing tonight?
Creating my masterpiece!
Making some money!
Writing some poetry, or the next bestseller!
Telling others what to do!
Singing and acting!

Question 3:What is your trademark accessory?
My shiny hair, and perfect make-up!
My great smile and perfect personality!
Facial hair and or business sense!
My friendly attitude and a bottle of booze!
My weird ability to scare perfect strangers!

Question 4:Who do you live with?
I'm waiting for that perfect someone!
I can hardly keep all the names straight!
A whole bunch of friends! It's a party every night!
Ewww! That means people are going to touch my things!
A live-in lover I refuse to marry!

Question 5:What might slip out of your mouth?
"Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"
"All you need is love!"
"I am a true bohemian revolutionary!"
"Financial security THAT is real love!"
"The show must go on!"

Question 6:What is your sexual orientation/relationship status?
I prefer not to discuss such things!
I'm so drunk most of the time, anything goes!
I love men, as many as I can get!
I am a one-woman man!
Who has time for all that stuff?

Question 7:Are you rich or poor?
I have plenty!
Just enough to eat and DRINK!
I manage, I have a good paying job!
Money? I only get by with a little help from my friends!
Enough *sigh* always want more!

Question 8:What is your ideal home?
A mansion with lots of servants (maybe singing waiters!)
I'm never home anyways, when I am I'm hungover!
A palace with beautiful surroundings!
Any place where my job will make me money!
Anywhere love is!

Question 9:What best describes you?
romantic and wonderful
business-like yet lovable
mysterious and beautiful
scary and manipulative
depressed and addictive

Question 10:What is your favorite colour?

Question 11:Do you tell the truth?
I tell people ehat they want to hear!
Lying isn't in my nature!
Only to further a good cause!
Doesn't everyone?
No, I prefer scare tactics!

Question 12:What would you like for a birthday present?
A bottle of the best vintage, maybe some art supplies!
Cold hard cash, it makes the world go round!
Does that mean that I have to give YOU something on your birthday?
Expensive Jewels! Tiffany's! Cartier!
Something handmade and heart-felt!

Question 13:What do you think about romance and love?
Love is just a game!
I love love but rarely know it!
Pah, I can't afford to love!
Life is above all things, about love!
Love? I prefer to give people expensive gifts to show my affections!

Question 14:What are you doing on a typical Saturday night?
Searching for romance, and feeling inspired to write some poetry!
Trying to make all things in the world, mine!
Making sure everything is going perfect, chickpea!
Flirting with all the boys, and getting worshipped like the diva I am!
Drinking till I faint, or feeling like painting!

Question 15:Are you a true Bohemian Revolutionary?
God, no! Bohemians are poor!
I don't care about that stupid dogma!
No, but maybe, just maybe I could learn!
Yes! With all my heart!
I have devoted my life to the Revolution!

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