Which Bette Davis movie character are you?
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Which Bette Davis movie character are you?

So you've watched the fabulous Miss Davis in action on screen, but have you ever wondered which of her famous characters you're most like? Now you kind find out. Are you the transformational Charlotte Vale of "Now, Voyager;" the not-to-be-crossed actress Margo Channing of "All About Eve;" the jealous slightly off-the-beam Baby Jane Hudson from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane;" or the psychotic Charlotte of "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte?" Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:Are you insanely jealous of your boyfriend?
yeah, too bad he's married
I was until he died and everyone thought I did it
oh yeah
what boyfriend

Question 2:Is your older sibling better than you at everything?
yes and I hate her
no, but I hate my perfect cousin
I'm an only child
yes, my mother loves all her other children more than me

Question 3:What do you think of acting as a profession?
I was the best actress they ever had, how dare they cancel my contract
actors are okay but I'd rather travel the world
it's a rat race and I'm the lead rat
I only care about my dead father's legacy, everything else means nothing to me

Question 4:Do people like you?
they didn't used to but I think they do now
my fans worship me, everyone else be damned
they think I'm a murderess, children are afraid of my house
no but I don't like them either

Question 5:Which of the following would you be most likely to say?
Fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a bumpy night.
Don't lets wish for the moon, we have the stars.
Get off my property or I'll shoot.
I've written a letter to Daddy.

Question 6:Do you trust people?
I used to trust my cousin but not anymore
some people
yes, I finally do trust people

Question 7:What is your favorite kind of music?
the song an old lover wrote for me
anything happy that I can dance to
the old ballads I sang as a child performer
if I'm in a bad mood, anything sombre and melancholy

Question 8:Do you smoke?
I've never really thought about it
if my lover lights my cigarette for me
like a chimney

Question 9:Would people say you tend to overdramatize?
none really knows me well enough to say that
most people probably think so
not really
yes, but some people love me for it

Question 10:What would you prefer to wear?
my housecoat, I never go out
something simple but classy
a dress that looks like something I wore as a girl
anything chic and elegant

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