Reservoir Dogs Test
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Reservoir Dogs Test

Which character in Reservoir Dogs are you?

Question 1:What kind of music do you like?
I listen only to the Super Sounds of the 70's
Whatever has a good beat
I don't have much preference
Oldies Rock

Question 2:If you were involved in a robbery, what would you do?
The look-out
Crowd control
I would do strategic planning, but not actual grunt work
A little of everything, making sure it all goes smoothly
Actually taking the loot

Question 3:If a robbery went badly, what would be your first thoughts?
I would concentrate on everybody safe, then think about it
My robberies would NOT go bad, they can all be salvaged.
I don't care, as long as I'm okay.
Thinking about what to do now
whining about how crappy it is

Question 4:Everyone is involved in a stand-off, guns pointing everywhere, what do you do?
Whatever seems like the right thing to do
Protect those I love
Stand my ground
Get the HELL to safety
I'd shoot everyone I could, BAM BAM BAM BAM

Question 5:An alarm is pulled in a robbery, cops will be coming soon. What do you do?
Try to stay calm
I don't like alarms. I'll kill the customers.
Continue as usual, but just be less cautious using my gun
I wouldn't be at the actual robbery to have to deal w/ that
Run away as fast as I can

Question 6:You have a hostage cop, what do you do?
It's just a cop, who cares?
I don't care what he knows, or what he doesn't know. I just want to torture him.
Try to keep him alive
Try to get some information out of him!
I'd never let him know too much.

Question 7:A man you did a job with is hurt bad, what do you do?
Leave him where he is.
Do whatever it takes to get him healthy
I'd like him to get better, but if we take him to a hospital we could get caught. They get him they can get closer to me, and that can't happen.
I'll call a doctor, fix him right up.

Question 8:If you had to name yourself a color, what would it be?
I wouldn't do that, I like my name.
Who cares?
Why would I have to? That's ridiculous.

Question 9:What do you think about killing people?
I don't want to kill anybody, but if you're in my way. One way or another, you're getting out of my way
Doesn't make a difference to me
The choice between doing 10 years and taking out some stupid mother fucker, ain't no choice at all
Only in self-defense
It's fun!

Question 10:What do you think of Madonna?
Personally I can do without her
I don't pay much attention to her.
All I know is Like a Virgin is NOT a metaphor for big dicks.
I liked her early stuff.
I'm not the biggest Madonna fan

Question 11:If it's strictly against the rules to tell someone your name. Would you?
Well, I wouldn't even let anyone KNOW my real name.
Everyone knows my name anyways
They know my name, they don't. What's the difference?
I don't like aliases, if I like the guy I want him to know my name.

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