Which Male RHPS Character Are You?
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Which Male RHPS Character Are You?

Find out who your RHPS counterpart is!

Question 1:What's your Rocky Horror theme song?
Time Warp
Sweet Transvestite
Dammit, Janet
Hot Patootie
Sword of Damocles

Question 2:What REALLY turns you on?
Anything. And everything.
Um... well... that's personal.
Rock and roll porn.
My sister.
My master.

Question 3:Who's your true love?
My sister.
Dr. Furter.
Rock and Roll. And Columbia.
My sweet fiancée.
My creations.

Question 4:It's just a jump to the left...
Stop playing games, just take off your clothes!
And a step to the right!!!
More folk dancing?
That was before my time, I think.

Question 5:What's your job?
Mad scientist.
I do odd jobs for money.

Question 6:Naked?
Close to it.
Sure baby, go ahead!
I try not to be.

Question 7:Which real person would you pick to be your 'partner'(if you get the drift...)?
Rodger Roberts.
David Krueger.
Kamar Roant.
Emma Brown.
Amanda Huffman.

Question 8:How do you dance?
Do any of you know how to Madison?
I'm too busy rocking out.
Er... I don't know how to dance.
I do not dance, I am the center of attention.
I do my home's traditional dances.

Question 9:What kind of person would you want to date?
A sweet, level-headed person.
Someone from my home.
Anyone who loves rock and roll and motorbikes.
Someone who can tell me just what to do.
Someone who can relieve my tension...

Question 10:Where are you from?
Right here on Earth.
A lab.
The galaxy of Transsexual.

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