If you were a MegamanX character, who would you be?
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If you were a MegamanX character, who would you be?

Test yourself to see which of many famous MegamanX characters you are.Are you Sigma, Dynamo, X, or Zero?

Question 1:People are trapped inside a burning building, so you:
tell someone to call for help
tell someone to call for help and try to save them
leave them their

Question 2:Someone captures your friends and discloses a location to you.They tell you to come alone or your friends are dead.What do you do?
I rush there as fast as I can by myself.
I call the police to set up a sting and rush to the location.
I call the police and tell them to go in blazing guns.
What friends?

Question 3:Sigma is destroying the city, what decision do you make?
I help him finish the job.
I do my best to stop him.
I call for help.

Question 4:Your preferred weapon is...
the high powered charge shot.
the high speed buster shot.
the powerful Z-saber.
an enemy weapon.

Question 5:When you defeat an enemy, you take...
their main weapon.
their best skill.

Question 6:Your commander is...

Question 7:You are...
in the Repliforce.
a Maverick.
a Maverick Hunter.

Question 8:Sigma sends a space colony at the earth in order to destroy it, so you...
plan how to destroy the colony before it gets there.
find the nearest spaceship and get off this heap of rock.
are safe because you work for Sigma
say your prayers and kiss you butt goodbye.

Question 9:Sigma is attacking you and you call your partner for back up.Who is your partner?
I work alone.

Question 10:If you were to choose, you would be...
a hero
a villian

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