Which Peter Pan(2003) character are you?
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Which Peter Pan(2003) character are you?

Results complete with pictures!

Question 1:   Are you a boy or a girl?
If you must know, I am a man...
I'm a boy!
I'm a young lady, as my aunt would say.
I'm a little woman.
I'm a little boy.

Question 2:   How old are you?
12-13 years old
4-7 years old
Quite young
Not quite sure...
Perhaps in my 40's or so. I'M A MAN FOR GOD SAKE!

Question 3:   Do you like Peter Pan?
I think he's cool!
I suppose he's ok.
Oh, he's wonderful!
He's awesome! And so clever!

Question 4:   What are your friends like?
I've only got one friend...and I don't think he doesn't like me much...
Well, there's my siblings...and my mummy...and my daddy...and my doggy....and my fuzzy teddy!
I don't have many friends. Just my siblings, my pet, and so a so called imaginary friend...
I've got a whole bunch of boys for friends and then 2 girls, but that's it.
I have no friends.

Question 5:   Do you like pirates?
No! But I do like to play pirate games
Of course I do!
Oh, I love pirates!
Not usually...

Question 6:   What color hair do you have?
Light brown/dirty blonde

Question 7:   What is your hair like?
It's almost always in a ponytail.
It's wavy.
It's long.
I have a big poof ball of hair on my head.
It's curly.

Question 8:   Do you like stories?
I like to tell them.
Yes, I love them!
Not really.
I love stories.

Question 9:   What is a thimble?
What do i care?
Well, it's something you sew with, but sometimes I call kisses thimbles...
Something you use to sew, I think...
I wasn't quite sure until my friend showed me one
Those things that that girl keeps trying to give to my friend...little brat...

Question 10:   Where do you live?
Umm...I don't know, hang on, I’ll go ask my mummy...
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Wherever my friend is...most of the time, anyway
In a city
Near water

Question 11:   Do you like stuffed animals?
No! What do you take me for?
Stuffed animals?
Never heard of them..
I suppose they're alright.

Question 12:   Do you like to play?
No, of course not!
Not really
Yes, fun is what I live for

Question 13:   What sort of person are you?
I'm up for any sort of game! Especially if it has to do with pirates!
I can be a brat sometimes. I mean a BIG brat.
I'm eeeevvvviiiillll
I'm a little full of myself. Ok, a lot.
I'm always the one to watch over all of the others.

Question 14:   What color eyes do you have?
What do you care?
I don't wanna answer...don't make me!

Question 15:   Any last words?
So clever of me to take this quiz, don't you think?
Thank you for compiling this quiz. I enjoyed it.
Shut up. NOW

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