Which Star Wars Character Are You?
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Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Take this personality test to determine which main Star Wars character you are most like!

Question 1:How would you describe yourself?

Question 2:What would you do in a fight?
I would run away.
Nothing beats a blaster by your side!
I would charge in with my lightsaber.
I would show no mercy.
I would try to reason and avoid fighting altogether.

Question 3:Which occupation is the most appealing to you?
Jedi Knight

Question 4:What would you do if you encountered a crime boss in his palace with your life on the line?
I would become a slave dancer for him in order to survive.
I would try to use my Jedi Mind Tricks on him.
I would serve him as a translator.
I would bargain with him to let me go with no trouble.
I would find a way to destroy him and all of his followers.

Question 5:What do you feel about love?
"You think a princess and a guy like me..."
"Trust your feelings."
"Oh, dear...my circuits weren't programmed for this!"
"You ask for the impossible."
"I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee!"

Question 6:What is your favorite color?

Question 7:Which location is the most appealing to you?
A city
A bar
A palace
A desert
A forest

Question 8:What is your age?
"Don't ask me that!"
"Let's see, that was eighteen years, four months, five weeks, and..."
"Hey, now...I'm middle-aged!"
"Somewhere in the teens..."

Question 9:What would you think of the Force?
"It is scientifically impossible."
"I'm aware of it, but I don't want to get involved in that stuff."
"It surrounds and binds everything."
"It's not real. You just need some luck, that's all."
"The Dark Side is the greater side!"

Question 10:What would you think in a dangerous situation?
"Into the garbage shute, fly boy!"
"I'd prefer a straight fight instead of all this sneaking around!"
"I'm not afraid."
"Your lack of faith is disturbing."
"The odds of survival are 4,720 to 1!"

Question 11:What kind of space ship would you pilot?
A royal vessel.
A large, destructive ship.
A small and maneuverable fighter.
An old but reliable ship.
I hate flying!

Question 12:What is your preferred outfit?
Just a vest, pants and boots would work for me.
A fancy outfit or maybe even a skimpy bathing suit on some occasions.
Oh dear, my parts are showing?
A black suit with a cape.
A flight suit or robe.

Question 13:The trait you like the least is...

Question 14:How do you feel about other people?
I don't mind them.
I like talking with them.
I should help them when I can.
I want to get rid of them all.
I try to avoid them.

Question 15:What is your outlook on life?
I want everyone to suffer as much as I do.
I don't like it very much.
It's all right as long as you have fun.
It should be filled with love.
It is an adventure.

Question 16:Which weapon would you most likely use?
A knife/dagger
My feet
A long sword
A rifle
A pistol

Question 17:Which of the following do you fear the most?
Losing someone you love

Question 18:Of these, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Play video games
Listen to music
Ponder things while alone and in peace
I never have any spare time

Question 19:Which power of the Force would you like to have the most?
Choking, for all those people that annoy me
Foresight, so that I can see what will happen
Pull, to take what I want from people
Mind Tricks, to get ahead of my game in life
Speed, in order to strike fast

Question 20:How was my second quiz?
Yeah, yeah, it was all right...
It was splendid. Please make many more.
The Force is not strong with this one...
It was kind of nice, you scoundrel.
It was good, but I need to get going.

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