Are you in the Star Wars rank?
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Are you in the Star Wars rank?

Find out if you are a student, padawan, Jedi knight, or even a Jedi master.

Question 1:   Do you have a Jedi master teaching you how to become a Jedi?
No, I am a Jedi knight
No, I teach
No, I have a Jedi Knight

Question 2:   Have you mastered your lessons, but can't become a Jedi knight yet?
Of course, I KNOW ALL
yes, I have a padawan of my own

Question 3:   If you had a girlfriend/boyfriend that you wanted to impress, what would you do?
I don't need one
I don't want a Girl/ Boyfriend, it's too dangerous
Use the force to do something cool
Just talk

Question 4:   You're in a battle with a Sith, and he injures your master. What do you do?
I'd try and help him
I am the master
I am a wise Jedi
I'd run, I can't do much

Question 5:   You have an invader on your ship. What do you do
I'd attack the invader
I hide like a sissy little girl
I'd help whoever fights
I'd stall the invader, and evacuate my padawan

Question 6:   The enemy you're facing brakes your lightsaber. What do you do?
I'd run away
I'd use the force to kill him
I'd hurt the enemy, take his weapon and kill him
I'd run away, sneak up behind him, and kill him

Question 7:   You have to protect some girl, and she wants to help your master. What do you do?
I'd stop her
I am the master
Go with her, my master said I had to
Let her go

Question 8:   If you became a Jedi knight, Would you want a padawan?
I am one
I'm past that already

Question 9:   If you lost your arm, what would you get?
I don't care
I'd leave it
A robotic arm
a weapon arm

Question 10:   If you were in pain, what would you do?
I'd try to heal myself
Ask someone to kill me
leave me to die
Ask for help

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