Which Movie Are You?
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Which Movie Are You?

Which one of our favorite movies are you?

Question 1:What's your biggest secret?
I'm not innocent, I really killed someone. *shh*
I am an alien.
I once wished my baby brother would be taken away by goblins.
I was once "involved" with an 80 year old woman.

Question 2:Are you a musical?
No. Not at all.
I have a great 80's soundtrack. But I'm not a musical.
Yes! I am a classic Broadway show.
Yes, from the seventies!

Question 3:Do you have a sequel?
Nope, but I should. Oh well.
I would rather die.
Um. No. Too classy for a sequel.
Kinda. It's called Shock Treatment. BOO!

Question 4:Do you have an accent?
Not really. I just talk strangely. And slowly. In a depressing manner.
Yes, a big-city accent.
Yes! It's British! Rar!
Not really. But I can say this "You have no power over me...?"

Question 5:What do you say?
Let's do the Time Warp again!
She took my head, I'll kill her! I will!
You remind me of the babe...
He had it comin'!

Question 6:Which of these sexual activities would you engage in(if you were/are a legal age)?
Sex with an old lady... perhaps in a hearse.
Orgy in a pool.
Any and all. As long as the person doesn't ditch me, cuz then I'll kill 'em!
Um. I'm too young. But that goblin over there is looking more attractive every second.

Question 7:Are you ever been chased by someone psychotic, or been the chaser?
Yes. And sometimes I chase them.
No. Not really. But I have stalked an 80's pop star through a maze.
Well. I was the chaser. But it was to get out of boot camp.
Hah! Yeah right, I am famous! No one would do that to me!

Question 8:Any famous actors in you?
Nope. None.
Yes! A great girl who has recently made a come back, and a famous singer.
Not at the time I was made, but they sure are famous now!
I'm chock full of them!

Question 9:What do you like to do?
Kill people.
Have sex. With anyone.
Solve witty riddles and flirt with goblins.
Pretend to commit suicide.

Question 10:Naked?
Not quite, but scantily-clad.
Not really. I wear tights though.
Only when I need to be. Or when I am high.

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