What movie do you belong in?
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What movie do you belong in?

* Wild America

Question 1:   What kinds of clothes do you wear?
Stuff like the FBI wears...all in black, too. And lots of leather.
Just plain stuff, like plain white shirts and plain blue jeans. Sometimes a plaid or striped shirt.
50's-lookin' stuff.

Question 2:   Okay, famous question. Pick a set of words.
High school life/cigarettes
Wild life/cameras
Technology/cool sunglasses

Question 3:   What is your favorite movie genre/theme?

Question 4:   Where do you live?
Fort Smith, Arkansas.
The depths of high technology.
Some boring place where something exciting rarely happens.

Question 5:   Which of these is the coolest set of names?

Question 6:   What about your education?
I'll be lucky enough to pass high school!
I got a couple more years to go.
I need no education. I am smart enough already.

Question 7:   What is your favorite animal?
A member of the opposite sex.
All kinds. Just give me any animal and I'll like it.
I have no use for animals.

Question 8:   Someone is really making you P.O.ed. What do you do about it?
Make fun of them behind their back or flip them off.
If they try to pick a fight with me, I'll double-flip them. I have a feeling they won't be coming back for more.
Give them a taste of their own medicine or just ignore it. They're all idiots.

Question 9:   How do you get around?
Very carefully.
I find my way past the guards.
Walking, driving, or having my older brother drive me.

Question 10:   What do you like to do?
Try out some new cool karate moves in slow motion on complete idiots.
Film animals and travel around the country.
Sing, dance, smoke, go to the movies, make out with random guys/girls.

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