Which Xman are you?
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Which Xman are you?

Have you always wanted to be a mutant? Take this quiz to find out which one would be most suited to you!

Question 1:Do you believe that humans should be feared or protected?
Humans are cute, but ice-breathing mutants are better.
You cold care less about humans, gotta sharpen your claws.
All people are essentially good and should not discriminate.
You believe that all humans should be exterminated.
Humans are fun to change into, but rather boring as a species.

Question 2:What mutant power do you like the most?
You want the ability to read/control minds and stop time.
Control/power over metallic objects.
Uncharted regenerative capabilities, plus those awesome claws.
You want to suck the life-force out of someone just by touching them.
You want to be able to transform into any person you please.

Question 3:What mutant power would you look for in a boy/girlfriend.
I don't like people, especially senators.
Ice, man, way cool.
Telepathy is way cool, though it could get you in trouble.
Not a mutant necessarily, just a power-hungry angry-type female.
I'm too powerful for women, plus, i have to protect my precious Xmen.

Question 4:What would you say if someone called you a freak?
I'd bat my eyes and ask "Whatever do you mean?"
I'd morph into their form and call them a freak right back.
I'd suck the Iron from their blood, make it into little balls and escape from my plastic prison with them.
I'd unsheath my claws and cut their rifle in half, all with a wolfish smirk on my face.
I'd sneak into their mind and make them spend the rest of their days under the impression that they're a six year old girl.

Question 5:What is your optimal mode of transportation?
Anything that involves hot guys.
Motorcycle. Especially one that's not mine.
Sliding around on the ground is good.
Metal shoes and/or plates to walk on.
Wheelchair, definitely. What else is there?

Question 6:What is your desired Xman name?
Innocent Baby
Vicious Animal
Metal Man
Sneaky Villain

Question 7:Do you interact well with other people?
Only when sucking the life-force outta them.
Just fine, thank you.
I don't interact, I become them.
I hate people. Kill them all.
Not personally, but my claws do.

Question 8:Do you have a bad temper?
Would you like to find out?
No, I'm a sweety.
I don't have emotion, I control them.
Only when people make fun of my blue-tone skin, then I beat them up.
Hell yes.

Question 9:Do you kill people for the fun of it?
No. Not on purpose, anyway.
If I'm in the mood.
No, I don't like to make sacrifices.
If it's a human.
I slash to maim.

Question 10:Would you like to wear an X-suit?
No, I prefer my cape.
I don't wear clothes.
No, but yellow spandex would be worse.
Yes! They might not be tight enough, however.
It would be uncomfortable in my wheelchair.

Question 11:Are you sick of this quiz?
(no comment)
*unsheaths claws*
No, my mind was focused on more important matters.
Looks up from painting toenails, looks confused.

Question 12:What color would u like your hair to be?
Brown with wolfish sideburns.
I don't have a set color.
Brown with cute little streaks.
Who cares about hair, gotta conquer humanity.

Question 13:What sound effect accompanies your power?
A weird rearrangement of particles sound.
*life-suckage* *scream!* *silence*
None, i work in silence.
*shiing* (metallic sounds)

Question 14:Do you have any idea what Xmen actually are?
*giggle* hot guys wearing black leather suits?
The stupidest thing I've ever heard.
A stupid excuse for superheroes.
Of course. I created them.

Question 15:Do you already know your outcome of this quiz?
Shut up or you'll lose somethin' else.
"Inferior beings."
I know everything.
Tee hee.

This Quiz has been designed by Kathy.