Which X-men Girl are You?
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Which X-men Girl are You?

Are you an African Goddess of the Skies, or do you suck the life force out of everyone you touch? Don't you want to know?

Question 1:Who would you like to be with?
I really want the dirty muscle man, but I'm too young for him and my innocent boyfriend wouldn't like that very much
I also want the dirty muscle man, but I have a good guy for a boyfriend
I want the dirty muscle man
He's gotta be a mutant. I don't even pity mankind anymore

Question 2:How did you discover your mutant abilities?
I was born blue. I found out pretty quickly.
I have always had some telepathy and telekinesis. Soon, I will possess the ultimate power! Burn!
I put my boyfriend into a coma.
I was worshipped as a small child for my powers. I bend the skies to my will.

Question 3:You are face-to-face with Magnito. How do you cope?
All I need is one touch. A slap. Real quick. I must avenge my hair.
When we are face-to-face, I wear his face.
What happens to a Magnito when it gets struck by lightening?
I have nothing to fear.

Question 4:Who do you trust the most?
An old man whom I can really be myself around.
An obvious mutant--one who is not afraid to show who he is to everyone.
The dirty muscle man. He is my anti-drug.
The man I love.

Question 5:Who do you hate the most?
The prejudiced people who made me afraid to go to school when I was a little girl.
Anyone who will purposely harm another, mutant or man.
Those who offend me personally.
Anyone who will try to take away the rights of a person simply because they are more evolved.

Question 6:How do you wear your hair?
As white as the clouds on a mellow, sunny day.
Long, short, non-existent, any color, any way I choose.
With a fashionable streak.
It's there.

Question 7:How do you like it? You know, IT?
With lots of clothes on, little physical contact, and a man with a lot of stamina.
Excite me. Give me something freaky.
In a dirty bathroom stall with lots of beer. Bottoms up!
Don't make me do this. (walk away)

Question 8:Describe your wardrobe.
Non-existent. I am a nudist.
Tight-fitting spandex/plastic/leather X-suits.
I like to show off, but I always top off the outfit with long gloves.
Something exotic with a cape and a headdress.

Question 9:What was your worst experience with a guy?
In a dirty toilet stall.
I've had a really slimy guy spit in my face once.
I almost killed the guy I like.
A guy turned into water and died all over the place.

Question 10:What is your preferred fighting style?
Stop them in their tracks.
Call me a one hit wonder.
A bolt of lightning does the trick.
Some acrobatics with a slide under the door while flipping the bird.

Question 11:Where do you hang out?
Magnito's lair on a small unknown island.
Logans bedroom late at night.
Above the clouds.
The schools infirmary.

Question 12:What is your preferred mutant power?
Telekinesis and telepathy, with a side dish of ultimate power.
Shape shifting, no need to go shopping.
Control over the skies.
Stealing peoples life force and with mutants their powers.

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