Which X-Man Are You?
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Which X-Man Are You?

Which X-Men: Evolution Character are you? Storm? Nightcrawler? Rogue? I don't know! But you can find out! Take the quiz! ^_^

Question 1:Okay. Let's start simple. Answer truthfully. What's your favorite color out of the following?

Question 2:You survived! Wow! Answer truthfully. Next Question: What's your favorite food?
I'm a vegetarian.
Almost everything!
I like eggs!

Question 3:And where do you go to contemplate the meaning of life?
The dining hall on my laptop! ^_^
An old, aboned church...
Anywhere where I can see the sky.
Alone, secluded in my room.
Life is for sissies. *chugs beer*

Question 4:What would be your favorite element?
What kind of question is that, you ninny?

Question 5:If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?
A cat.
A big, fuzzy puppy dog!
A wolf.
An eagle.
A bear!

Question 6:What's your favorite form of technology?
Nuclear Weapons
The watch
The laptop

Question 7:You pass a man on the street asking for money. What do you do?
Recruit him for a job.
Continue walking...
Give them money, duh!
Umm....continue walking?
Tell them to piss off.

Question 8:Out of the following, where would you like to be?
The beach! On a warm, sunny day!
Tropical paradise...no one bothering me...
Don't Know, Don't Care
I like it cold. Snowy.

Question 9:What's your favorite sport?
Survival is my sport
Anything but gym class...
I don't play sports all that often...
Football! Baseball! The works!

Question 10:I've just made up this awesome quiz for you. What do you do to thank me for it?
I would thank you and let you join my club!
I'd say thanks...there's nothing more I can give...
Can I just find out who I am?
Thank you lots of times and take you to an island paradise...

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