Which X-men are you?

Hi, the choices are; Rouge, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Cyclops And Wolverine

Question 1:   What don’t people like about you?
You’re perfect
You’re too mature
You’re not mature enough
You’re too tough on people
Your attitude

Question 2:   What do you like to do on weekends?
Study/ shop
Go on dates
Goof off
Watch TV
Crash a party or two

Question 3:   You’ve just finished a huge battle. What are you thinking about?
Whether this has improved your chances with your crush.
Whether the stink bomb plan will work.
Whether you’ve missed The Jerry Springer Show.
Whether you’re the one who killed the enemy.
Whether you’ll be prepared for the test on Monday.

Question 4:   You’re walking in a dark alley, and someone attacks you. How do you defend yourself?
Blast him
Throw him, telekinetically
Teleport to your house
Slash him
Absorb his energy

Question 5:   What color is your hair?
Brown/ white

Question 6:   What bugs you the most?
When people get what you want
When your plans don’t work well
When you don’t know much about yourself
The popular people
When people treat you like you’re weak

Question 7:   You just received a blank check. What do you buy with it?
Clothes/ books
Sun glasses

Question 8:   What is the worst thing you’ve done in your life?
Became stronger
Tried to kill your fiancé
Tried to kill the president
You can’t remember what it is
Almost killed your best friend

Question 9:   Who is your worst enemy?
The person who got what you wanted
The other funny blue guy (oh wait, there is no other blue funny guy)!
The man who made You what you are
A bad grade/ Magneto

Question 10:   What are your grades in school?
A’s and B’s
School is for sisses (drinks four beer bottles)
C’s and D’s

This Quiz has been designed by Pheonixfire13.