Which ZOMBIES Character Am I?

From the scary brain-eating monsters to the extra-peppy cheerleaders, Disney's Zombies world is full of exciting characters! In this quiz, figure out if you have a lot in common with the zoms or with the poms! Are you Addison, Bucky, Eliza, Zed, or Zoe? You might be surprised!

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    Which of these colors do you like best?
    Which of these colors do you like best?

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3 days ago
Yay I got my favorite Charackter! I became Zoe❤️I Love Zoey 💚
7 days ago
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10 days ago
I wanted Addison but kept getting Eliza but it’s fine
10 days ago
I got Eliza I can relate but ya so 10/10
11 days ago
Hi Ammmuiiyahh I got addison too
Texts me on her Ammmuiiyahh ok
26 days ago
This whole thing is rigged everyone will get Eliza and those who don't are weird I know myself because I made this and I have am the only one who got addison whoever else got addison your actually bonzo lol 😂 and whoever is Eliza is actually bucky and whoever is bucky is the mothership🤣 ya'll all 🌻s I'm the only one who got the true addison lol
26 days ago
I got Eliza!!!
36 days ago
I got Eliza and I am so 😃
54 days ago
Well Princesa i am in zombies 2 not in zombies 1 so go to the zombies 2 test and thank you for liking me aka Chandler Kinney
98 days ago
I got Eliza
I like her but I like Addison more
144 days ago
Why I wanted Willa but I got Zoe
145 days ago
OMG!!! Yo, I got Eliza and YES I AM SO GLAD! She my favvvvvvvvvv
178 days ago
193 days ago
I got Eliza I wanted her
208 days ago
I got Eliza I really wanted zee
233 days ago
245 days ago
I got Zoe I wish I got Addison or Eliza but I like Zoe too
262 days ago
hey yay did is it cool
262 days ago
hey cos so you got addison
262 days ago
I got Addison and willa i did it two times