Which BLACKPINK Member Am I Like?

You love Blackpink, one of the hottest K-pop girl groups around? Are you ready to discover which Blackpink member you resemble the most? Get ready to unleash your inner charisma, talent, and charm as we embark on this thrilling quiz adventure.

Blackpink is a sensational South Korean girl group that has taken the music industry by storm with their electrifying performances, catchy tunes, and fierce personalities. Comprised of four incredible members—Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa—each member brings their unique style, voice, and energy to the group.
Take this test and find out!

  • 1
    How would you describe your fashion sense?
    How would you describe your fashion sense?
  • 2
    Which word best describes your personality?
  • 3
    When it comes to music, what genre resonates with you the most?

  • 4
    Which do you like the most?
  • 5
    What type of dance style attracts you the most?
  • 6
    How do you handle challenges in your life?

  • 7
    Which role do you usually find yourself taking in a group setting?
  • 8
    What is your favorite aspect of performing on stage?
  • 9
    How do you spend your free time?
  • 10
    Which quality do you value most in a friendship?

Comments (17)


116 days ago
ooh i got Lisa. bada$s? thats me 😎
117 days ago
ooh. i got rosè or jisoo. no idea who they are
117 days ago
hehehhhhh i never listen to BLACKPINK im American. what are yalls favorite BP songs? ima listen to them a bit ig
122 days ago
Jisoo, honey, is that you?

Just like Jisoo, you have an elegant and timeless fashion sense that exudes sophistication. Your kind-hearted nature and warm personality make you a beloved presence among your friends and loved ones.

Your love for pop music aligns with Jisoo's melodic and captivating vocal style. You have a natural ability to connect with others emotionally through heartfelt performances, just like Jisoo's ability to touch hearts with her singing.

When faced with challenges, you seek support from loved ones and maintain a positive outlook. Your kind-hearted nature shines through as you offer understanding and empathy to those around you, much like Jisoo's compassionate spirit.

In group settings, you naturally take on the role of a peacemaker and mediator. Your ability to foster harmony and create a sense of unity is reminiscent of Jisoo's role in Blackpink. Your presence brings a sense of balance and calmness to the group.

During your free time, you enjoy spending quality time with friends and loved ones. You cherish the connections you have and appreciate the joy that comes from shared experiences, similar to Jisoo's value for meaningful relationships.

Your result as Jisoo suggests that you possess a combination of elegance, kindness, and a nurturing spirit. Embrace these qualities, and continue to bring love and harmony to those around you, much like the amazing Jisoo from Blackpink!

Hmmm, pretty accurate. I can't see myself as Jennie, Lisa or Rosè. I relate to Jisoo alot, so this is pretty accurate!
816 days ago
I love BLACKPINK my bias is OT4😅
828 days ago
It says i look like jennie but I'm ok with it!
829 days ago
Lol actually..i LOVE ALL 4 OF YOU!! Your my 4 bootiful queens 💖😘
829 days ago
Nuuuuu! Ok i love all the mambers of blackpink buuuut but but but! My bias and my lovely queen is rosie!😍😘💖
But i actually got in this quiz is jennie! But dont worry jennie! I still wont hate you!😘😊
930 days ago
I´m Lisa! Okay, I´m an asian too. XD
939 days ago
any rosè stan? if yes comment: rosè is a queen 👑
969 days ago
🚔 I got Lisa my bias
996 days ago
Ready to find out which BLACKPINK member you're the most like? Here you go...

You got LISA! She's Thai, and also my personal bias! Basically, you just like similar things as Lisa and I! You're a free-spirited, bad-a*s girl. And maybe you, too, are the maknae in your own great group of girls! Hope you like your result!

Yasss queen I got Lisa 🤩🖤💗 she’s actually my bias
1061 days ago
I got Lisa. My bias is Jisoo. lmao idk what to say
1105 days ago
Ready to find out which BLACKPINK member you're the most like? Here you go...

You got Jennie! Our princess! (Our queen is Freddie Mercury:-). You're a sweet, calm Unnie to your friends, and maybe even a great chef like Jennie! But you're still yummy, even if you can't so much as boil water! Hope you really love your result!
1155 days ago
Hi guy I got myself idk why but ok I am happy
1381 days ago
why I got Lisa is because we totally look alike my friends always tell me that I'm Lisa well Lisa number 2 here ayy!
1407 days ago
This is what it said for me..... Jisoo, honey, is that you? Wow, you dont look as good as the last time i saw you (rude), but its fine!! We all have our days.