Which BTS Member Suits Your Personality? Quiz

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    Which of these colors do you like the most?

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74 days ago
Who’s your bias and bias wrecker/s?
My bias is kookie and my bias wreckers are v and Jimin (vmin). I basically just love the maknae line!
79 days ago
Oh sorry @ARMY_FAN_GIRL, I didn't saw that you also already explained it, so sorry!!
79 days ago
@Mist, hi!
Shipping means that you say like: "OOH those two people look good toghether let's try to get them dating!!" Or something like that I guess
It's something like that you say that two people could be a good couple, while those two people maybe don't even really know each other. It's not meant to be mean, it's just minding someone else's business, maybe people do that bc there own life is not interesting enough and they are searching for drama or they just want to make a lot of couples or something. I don't know, I hope you understand it a little bit know
Have a great day!! I love you Armies :p
522 days ago
I got Yoongi, which is strange, because I consider myself closest to Jimin personality wise.
614 days ago
I got World wide handsome
I like it!!
775 days ago
I got yoongi :)
797 days ago
I got yoongi, I always gets introvert line... Cuz I'm mixture of them... Most of jin alike personality and mood like yoongi , behaves like jin, and choices like jungkook most of the time though...
814 days ago
Mist, ship means that you combine two names.
820 days ago
I got yoongi! yay! But what does ship mean anyway?
1115 days ago
I always get RM for any thing #so confused