Which Pop Star Are You?
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Which Pop Star Are You?

Question 1:If you wrote a song, what would it be about?
How I really want a guy.
How I would like to forget my complicated world and be someone else for a day.
How everyone misjudges me.

Question 2:You are going to an awards show. Which of the following do you wear?
Nice pants with a nice shirt.
My usual clothes...baggy and casual.
A revealing dress.

Question 3:Which color would you dye your hair out of the following?

Question 4:In high school you were...
A mix between brains and popular
Different from everyone else
Popular, but no brains.

Question 5:Which kind of movie do you prefer?

Question 6:What is your style?
Somewhere in between revealing and conservative.
I wear anything I want, any time I want

Question 7:What is your motto?
Don't follow the crowd. Be yourself.
Live up to your own expectations, not those of the people around you.
Don't tell me what to do. I'm a big girl.

Question 8:If your fans were to criticize you in any way, what would they say?
All of her songs say the same thing!
She's a little too punk for me!
She needs put on more clothes!

Question 9:You would get in trouble for...
I don't get into trouble
Defacing private property
Making a snotty comment on public television

Question 10:Which song appeals to you the most?
Get this Party Started
I'm a Slave For You

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