The rockstar quiz (improved)
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The rockstar quiz (improved)

So.. what (male) rockstar are you?

Question 1:What's your hair like?
It's brown and fluffy and curly
Bleached and not combed for a while
Long and dark
Big and messy and dyed black

Question 2:What kind of stuff do you find pretty?
Psychedelic patterns.. oh, and indians, I love indians
Things that look filthy and worn out
Fallen leaves, and blood, and women...
Red lipstick

Question 3:What does your favourite music sound like?
Like blues and rock'n'roll, with the band on drugs...
Like the band's just learned a few chords, and with guitars
Slow and sexy with a deep voice
Really sad and slow songs, or silly little happy tunes

Question 4:How do you feel about suicide?
I didn't wanna die but it's dangerous to live hard and do drugs..
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt
I often try to cut my wrists, and then I sing about it
I'm very sad sometimes but I'll live until I'm 90 and get really fat.

Question 5:What clothes do you prefer?
Leather pants and nothing more
Jeans and flannel shirts
Green tight t-shirts to show off my muscles, and black jeans
Black shirts and big sneakers

Question 6:What animal do you prefer?
Bugs or monkeys

Question 7:So, what lyric is most you?
'I'm the lizard king, I can do anything'
'I hate myself and I want to die'
'From the dark I feel your lips and II taste your bloody kiss'
'Please stop loving me, I am none of these things'

Question 8:How's your ideal woman?
A promiscuous hippie witch
A grunge slut with babydoll dresses and smeary makeup
A tall and sexy goth bitch
A sad and strange and pretty girl

Question 9:What do you do on stage?
obscene things
play the base and try to sing in tune
stand still and smear lipstick on the microphone

Question 10:What does the rest of your band do?
Play the organ, do drugs, get groupies...
Try to manage without me
They look big and mean but they're innocent husbands and fathers
Stand still and play in their black clothes

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