Which popstar are you?
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Which popstar are you?

Question 1:How conservative are you?
Very. I never show my midriff at all. I have values, you know!
It depends on the time and place. Like if I am somewhere like the beach, it doesn't hurt to dress down. Otherwise, I'll dress conservatively.
I show my midriff (or maybe more) no matter where I am. If you've got it, show it off.
I don't necessarily like to dress revealingly, but I do it because people expect me to.

Question 2:In high school, you were (are)...
An athlete (or cheerleader)
A bookworm
In your own clique

Question 3:How important is it to you that other people like you?
It is very important, but I would never follow trends just to get people to like me.
It is very important, but you can't let your peers interfere with your priorities.
Pretty important, but overall, it only matters what I think of myself. I do things my way and if anyone has a problem with that, then shame on them.
Who cares about that shit? I don't give a damn of what people think about me.

Question 4:If you could write a song about any of the following, which would it be?
About how much I want a certain guy, but he doesn't notice me at all.
About how if a guy wants to have me, then he better treat me right.
About how the world is always getting on my case about how I dress, act, etc.
About how the world doesn't understand me.

Question 5:If you could pick any of these guys, which would it be?
Justin Timberlake (of Nsync)
Shane West (From 'A Walk to Remember'
Travis Barker (of Blink 182)
Nick Lachey (of 98 Degrees)

Question 6:What do you think of Eminem?
He's hot.
I respect him.
Eww, I hate him. His music is offensive.
He's just like me.

Question 7:Which of the following would you be criticized for?
Being too much of a perfectionist.
Trying to act like a goody-two-shoes, when I'm not.
Wearing skimpy outfits nonstop.
Being too much of a punk.

Question 8:How are your grades?
Perfect...or close to perfect.
Something to be proud of.
Mediocre...there is just some stuff that I don't get.
Bad, mainly because I could care less about school.

Question 9:If you were trapped on a dessert island, which object would you have with you?
My stuffed bear...so I can have some company (even if it isn't real)!
The Bible...I need to remember my values, regardless of where I am!
My hairbrush...if my hair's a mess, than so am I!
Hair dye...my hair color must stay!

Question 10:It's time for the Grammy's! What are you wearing?
Nice pants with a nice shirt and jacket.
Um, why would I be invited to the Grammy's?
A revealing dress so that it will be all over the headlines the next day.
Baggy pants and a tanktop so it will be easy for me to shake my groove thang on stage.

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