Which female rock star are you?

Take the quiz to see how you rock

Question 1:How would you want your hair to be like?
Red and slick
Black and long (enough)
Pink, Blue or whatever I feel like
Brown and messy

Question 2:What kind of songs would you sing?
About overwhelming feelings and insecurities.
About love and the places it's literally taken me.
About my life and the people in it.
About the strangeness of the About the taxing and wonderful aspects of adoration.

Question 3:What kind of clothes do you wear?
Bright, tight dresses or pants if feel I like it.
Glamorous clothes that would make starlets jealous.
An mixture of styles with trademark jewelry.
Vintage cotton dresses.

Question 4:Do you play guitar?
No, my voice is my talent.
Yes, but I won't stop there.
No, I keep my arms free for dancing on stage.
Yeah, but it's usually acoustic

Question 5:Which band you'd think you're most likely to go on tour with?
Lenny Kravitz
My Bloody Valentine

Question 6:What kind of genres of music are you into?
Glam and punk rock
Old rock and folk music
I like pretty much the whole spectrum of music.
Sad songs. That is a genre in my book.

Question 7:What would your voice sound like?
an erotic growl
a raw-throated voice well capable of belting notes
a cute, smooth croon
a shy, sweet and haunting tone

Question 8:Would you ever do Lillith Fair or any other female oriented festival?
I can rock with the boys and I choose to.
No. Besides isn't that whole trend over?
*laughs, never answers*

Question 9:How do you feel about marriage?
I want someone who can deal with my issues.
I think it can be wonderful partnership on many levels.
Scares and excites me.
I haven't thought about it that much

Question 10:If you were to complete this quiz for me to say you're most like Courtney Love what would your reaction be?
Hmmmmm, that's interesting.
*huge laugh with you rolling around on the floor in a fetal position*
Where did you come up with that?

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