Are you obsessed with singing???
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Are you obsessed with singing???

Are you too shy to sing a bar of "baa baa black sheep" alone or could you sing "Hey Jude" for a crowd of ten thousand? Take the test to find out....NOWWWWW!!!!

Question 1:Have you ever been in a choir? If so, more than one at a time?
Several, but at different times. La la la...
One, only one. *hums*
Several at a time. LAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Question 2:Has anyone complimented you on your singing?
Nobody has heard me sing. They'd probably tell me to shut up if I did :(
A couple. I don't really sing that much, I usually just hum a tune.
They used to but LAAAAAAA they know tell me to LAAAAAAAA shut LAAAAA up.
Yeah, quite a few. *sings sweetly* See? Nice.

Question 3:Have you ever been in a musical? I've been in a musical called "Wildfire" but I didn't actually sing, I just mimed.
Bleuch, I hate musicals. AND singing. SINGING IS THE DEVILLY!!!
No, I just keep my voice to myself really.
LAAAAAAA la LAAAAAAAA!!!! What...?....oh, everyday...LAAAAAAA
Once or twice but I didn't have a solo.

Question 4:What's the strangest thing about your voice when you sing?
I'm a soprano that can reach bass... LAAAAARRRRR LUUUHHHHHHH...see?!
Nothing strange. I'm a little quiet.
I sometimes close my eyes, I just get really into it.
No sound comes out! Ha ha ha!!!

Question 5:Do you play any instruments?
NOOO!!! Singing's MUCH better!!!
Woodwind/brass- I can't sing!!! Yay!!!
Piano/guitar- something I sing along to
Violin/ percussion instrument- I can't sing to it but I hum

Question 6:Do you ever sing in your sleep?*blushes slightly* la la la la..... does that answer your question?
I sometimes talk in my sleep but I don't sing. I once dreamt I was doing it and I woke up and...I won't go into details but it was hilarious!
I'm silent as the hills. That's a really stupid metaphor!!!

Question 7:Are you talkative?
I talk just as much as the next person.
yeah but my voice gets on everyone’s nerves, all squeaky but deep and goofy.
I talk all the time, it's addictive. I talk about me and my beautiful voice LAAAAAAAAAAA
I'm an introvert.

Question 8:What do you want to be when you're older?
I don't know yet
Something where I don't have to talk to anyone
I'd like to be an artist or a poet or a singer... nothing too heavy though, piano accompaniment and string section and stuff.

Question 9:What would you most compare your voice to?
A bonfire, a bass drum, an airplane landing
A toddler playing the clarinet with someone scraping their nails down a blackboard
The wind... sometimes howling, often whispering
The break of dawn or a violin concerto

Question 10:Last question... how often do you sing everyday?
All the time, once every few minutes. LOUD!!!!!
Quite often. I sing without knowing it, absent mindedly
NEVER!!!! SINGING IS THE DEVILLY! (someone lock this guy up)
Rarely. Usually I hum. *hums*

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