What's Your Rapper Name?
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What's Your Rapper Name?

Ever notice that rappers have interesting pseudonyms? Take the quiz and find out what your rapper alias is.

Question 1:   Which of the following would you wear?
Strategically placed stickers
Shirt covered with swears, just so the censors have to pixel it out
Big furry pants, a sweater vest, big top hat, a goalie mask, and combat boots
Tee shirt from American Eagle and khakis
Trash bag

Question 2:   What do your teeth look like?
Perfectly straight and white
I dunno, I don't look in the mirror
Gorgeous, but with my outfit, no one's looking at my face: )
Gold, but they don't need to be
A little crooked, but nothing exceptional about them

Question 3:   Pick an adjective to describe yourself.

Question 4:   For which of the following would you probably get in trouble with the law?
Sleeping in the middle of the street, thus blocking traffic
Indecent exposure
Disturbing the peace
Parking in a handicap zone
Offensive language

Question 5:   What do you consider to be your best feature?
My breasts
I can hide stuff in my hair
My dimples and highlighted hair
Colorful vocabulary

Question 6:   Who's your biggest influence?
Michael Jackson
Buckwheat from SNL
Pamela Anderson

Question 7:   Who might you be mistaken for on the street?
A hobo
Ryan Seacrest
A prostitute
No one- I'm %&*$#@ original
Mental patient

Question 8:   What's your favorite TV show?
Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
Dawson's Creek- I'm so sad it's not on anymore!
Anything about fashion- I critique if it's revealing enough
I don't own a TV
South Park

Question 9:   What's your biggest flaw?
Showing too much skin
I'm too good to be true ; )
Dirty and smelly
Acting crazy

Question 10:   Where do you shop?
Costume shop
Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale
I design my own tee shirts
A XXX store

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