What kind of rock star are you?
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What kind of rock star are you?

For years, the world has watched artists spill their talent onstage. What does your personality/hidden talents say about the kind of musician you would be if you ever hit it big?

Question 1:   To you, the best kind of music is:
Innovative. With insightful lyrics and new melodies.
For my quiet time and reflection.
Loud. I like to piss off people who don't understand me.
Always a crowd pleaser.
Served as a background.

Question 2:   The worst thing you would ever have to endure in your lifetime, would be:
The intellectually inferior.
A waste of time.
Your ex.
My parents.

Question 3:   You go to a Movie and CD store, you only buy one thing...what is it?
The copy you lost of your favorite CD.
A movie you and your friends enjoy.
A CD cleaner.
The movie Stangeland.
A CD from a new band you've never heard before.

Question 4:   You are most likely to bore people....
With complaints.
Masturbation noises.
With suicide threats.
With theories and stories of Arielle.
Never. You don't bore people.

Question 5:   Who do you idolize?
Bill Gates of Microsoft.
Michael Stipe from R.E.M.
Chris of Dashboard Confessional.
Jimmy Hendrix.

Question 6:   When performing, what is your choice venue?
My garage.
Anywhere allowing pyrotechnics.
Somewhere SoHo.
Madison Sq. Gardens.

Question 7:   You crave what kind of food?
Anything on the rocks.
Your mom's home cooked meals.
Whatever. I don't really care about food.
Pita bread and humus dip.

Question 8:   Which do you need the most?
A new black hoodie.
A new zippo.
A new synthesizer.
Pen and paper.

Question 9:   Pick a random answer that sounds good to you.
Chaos theory.
I can't decide.
Darkness spreads.
Clean needles.

Question 10:   Last, but not least, I must know who your groupie of choice is.:-D
Dark hair. Dark lips. S&M
Several groupies, please!
I'll pass on the free sex.
Ari, of course!
Anyone in a schoolgirl outfit.

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