Which Famous Singer Am I Most Like?

Are you the sassy, stylish and enthusiastic Taylor Swift? The animal-adoring, ambitious and determined Katy Perry? The strong, kind and amazing Ariana Grande? Or another awesome singer? If you wanna know which of these three famous songstresses you are, or two others I haven't mentioned, then let's go! Try my quiz now!

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    Which of these singing styles do you like most?
    Which of these singing styles do you like most?

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23 days ago
I got Katy Perry yay
40 days ago
@Unknown lmfaoooooooo look adele up shes super famous
40 days ago
I got ari. I like her alot but i wish billie eilish was on here bc shes my all time fav ever 💅🏼
58 days ago
I got ARI!
I love her songs so much!
61 days ago
i got Taylor swift so happy
67 days ago
Who's adele? i got %30 adele
82 days ago
im taylor swift!!! yay im so hap
82 days ago
and wait your an emily to?!?!
82 days ago
awesome guys yay for you!!!!
105 days ago
I honestly was not surprised when they say I was like Ariana Grande lol
111 days ago
Honestly My Friends think im all of them XD
116 days ago
And also my fav song is anta tell me if ur really real don’t make
116 days ago
Araingnd I love her and her songs hi ilove this website great answered I hope u have a nice start to the day everyone 😍xx
135 days ago
I got ari I am not a huge fan but eh I🦄but I will say my fav song would be the way!! But I like yungblud the song parents if you agree I love you and warning bad words in the song if you want to listen!!
158 days ago
i wish i got MJ but I got ari witch is my second fav singer. :) :D
158 days ago
I GOT ARIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im such a big fan of hers
My fa song of hers is santa tell me.
159 days ago
I got Ariana! yay i'm so happy right now, my idol
160 days ago
161 days ago
i got ari!

I like Billie Eilish lol
169 days ago
I got taylor swift... I am a huge swiftie and an ariantator and a mega blink and a directioner . I love demi, selena and many many many more.