Which Famous Singer Am I Most Like? Quiz

Are you the sassy, stylish and enthusiastic Taylor Swift? The animal-adoring, ambitious and determined Katy Perry? The strong, kind and amazing Ariana Grande? Or another awesome singer?

If you want to know which of these three famous songstresses you are, or two others I haven't mentioned, then let's go! Try my quiz now!

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    Which of these singing styles do you like most?
    Which of these singing styles do you like most?

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86 days ago
I got 40%Arianna and 40%Katy Perry im so happy
193 days ago
I can't believe I got ariana grande she is my most favourite singer
310 days ago
Gurrrrrl I got Ariana grande that be my name
463 days ago
Sophie. H I love Olivia Rodrigo too!!
473 days ago
I got Ariana Grande! I love her songs especially bang bang and put your hearts up.
I also like olivia rodrigo.
474 days ago
my fav singer is Chester Bennington
519 days ago
Btw I am a HUGE fan of her!!
519 days ago
OMG !! I got my fav singer on two quizzes tay tay! (Taylor Swift!)
519 days ago
i got taylor and i ma really soo happy..
i am huge swiftie..
595 days ago
I got Ari!! i love her songs
620 days ago
I got Katy Perry yay
637 days ago
@Unknown lmfaoooooooo look adele up shes super famous
637 days ago
I got ari. I like her alot but i wish billie eilish was on here bc shes my all time fav ever 💅🏼
655 days ago
I got ARI!
I love her songs so much!
658 days ago
i got Taylor swift so happy
664 days ago
Who's adele? i got %30 adele
679 days ago
im taylor swift!!! yay im so hap
679 days ago
and wait your an emily to?!?!
679 days ago
awesome guys yay for you!!!!
702 days ago
I honestly was not surprised when they say I was like Ariana Grande lol