How much would Hamilton like you?

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  • 1
    What would you describe yourself as?
  • 2
    How would you react in front of LIN MANUEL MIRANDA?
  • 3
    Scenario time! Me: *pushes you towards a giggly Lafayette, a grinning John Laurens, a drunk Hercules Mulligan, and a sarcastic Aaron Burr sir* how do you react to the Hamilton squad?

  • 4
  • 5
    Give Hamilton a present!
  • 6
    Chat with Hamilton!

  • 7
    Compliment him!
  • 8
    Tell him about Hamilton the musical!
  • 9
    Hamilton wants to see the musical Hamilton with you!
  • 10
    Hamilton leaves to get ready for the musical.

Comments (39)


68 days ago
Just a normal RP for all the simps
Hamilton: Hey y/n...
Y/n: Yeah? What do ya need Ham?
Hamilton:*Kisses you*
Y/N: ... Ham...Do you like me?
Hamilton: AHH! No...No...*mumbles* yeah
Y/n: *kisses Ham back* Love you too!
82 days ago
Ham loves meeeee!!! now I'm gonna rp
Me: Hey ham! Mind if I call you ham? I'm calling you ham!
Ham: Ok-okay. So what now?
Me: Well we've met the cast and seen the show, I guess we're going back to our normal lives?
Bye! *starts walking away*
Ham: Wait!
Me: Yessss?
Ham: You forgot something
Me: Really? Wha-
Ham: *kisses* This.
Me: *blushing like crazy*
Ham: *blushing like crazy* Why don't we meet up at a restaurant sometimes?
Both of us: *exchange numbers*
Me: Bye!
Ham: Bye!

Okay so that may have been a bit weird but wutever:/
85 days ago
He likes me? Seriously? I would've thought worse.
87 days ago
Hamilton loves meeee!!!!!
121 days ago
Oooooh he loves me !!!!!!!
I cant believe this *faints*
133 days ago
Is said he loves me!
188 days ago
He kissed me/his own sister in law! I'm sure Eliza is going to punch me in the have when she finds out about the Reynolds-Hamilton pamphlet!
304 days ago
I mean he’s a Latino technically, so I would’ve been asking questions and giving compliments
420 days ago
Lol my names Eliza and it said he loves me! I'm dying!
432 days ago
Why would Hamilton Love me?
581 days ago
H..he loves me.... *faints*
581 days ago
Ummm... Thanks? (He likes me)
581 days ago
H..he loves me.... *faints*
649 days ago
Why is my dad blushing talking about me??? Oh wait, that wus for John.. Sorry dad!
654 days ago
Well, Alexander loves me. I wouldn’t have guessed that.
659 days ago
hamilton loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
669 days ago
i love him too. very much
669 days ago
ok. Thats Embarresing
716 days ago
Alexander loves me....? I- Well um.... Is this more of a happy or awkward situation? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm flattered! But he's dead. If he came back from the death though, I'd be like- "Oml- Wow. Ok then--"
725 days ago
Oh my god hamilton is in LOVE with me I feel like i was Angelicain another life