Find Your Musical Style
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Find Your Musical Style

This test will tell you what kind of musical style you naturally tend toward.

Question 1:   What color is your hair?
Naturally black
Naturally blonde
Naturally brown

Question 2:   Which artist makes you feel like getting romantic?
Dave Matthews
Type O Negative
Black eyed Peas

Question 3:   Who are you most likely to be angry with?

Question 4:   The last concert you went to was closest in style to:
Counting Crows
An unsigned band that nobody's heard of
Beach Boys

Question 5:   It's Saturday night. What are your plans?
I'll figure it out after I finish this joint.
Shower, throw on my best clothes, try to get the hook up
Going to a poetry slam, idiot.
Get a pizza with some friends, maybe rent a DVD.

Question 6:   How likely are you to commit a crime?
It's not impossible
Not at all likely
I already have.
Somewhat likely

Question 7:   What is your opinion of homosexuals?
I love them. I accept them. Embrace all people!
Hey, whatever, but I'm not swinging that way.
Most of my friends are gay or bi.
The guys on Queer Eye are okay, I guess

Question 8:   The artist from the past you most relate to:
Human League or Journey
Guns N Roses, Poison
The Cure, Oingo Boingo
Op Ivy, Black Flag

Question 9:   You just found out that the man/woman of your dreams finds you hot. What's the verdict?
See if I can arrange a date of some kind, something kind of informal but meaningful
Who gives a flip? I'm listening to my iPod, dude.
Hey, I got my CK cologne and my DKNY jeans on, let's go.
I'm here, come and get me.

Question 10:   The movie that you relate to the most.
American Pie

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