Which Seven Nations Member are you?
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Which Seven Nations Member are you?

Are you Dan, Struby, Crisoc, Scott, or Kirk?

Question 1:When playing with the band, what do you do?
fiddlin' and dancin' like a mad man
playin' bass and shyly dancing...
totally rockin' out on the drums!
playin' the bagpipes
singin' and strummin' the guitar

Question 2:So your drinking Snapple...which flavor?
Peach, baby!
regular with lemon...mmmm
Sweetened Tea...yum...
but I'm not drinking Snapple...
I don’t drink Snapple...ew...

Question 3:Hey the phones ringing!...How many rings before you answer it?
Well, if you're talking 'the mean'...1.67
No more than four, the voice mail kicks in after that.
um...I'd say three...
I don't answer.

Question 4:What's your favourite board game...ya know to play when you're 'board' (hahahaha)
Trivial Pursuit and Sorry
Hungry Hippos
Mouse Trap...

Question 5:You have a thing for collecting stuff...what exactly do you collect?
but I don't collect anything!
drumsticks...they rock!
haha, boarding passes

Question 6:You really dig poetry...who's your favourite poet?
Jim Morrison
I don't know any poetry...poor me...
John Lennon
Eminem...white rap extraordinaire
Adam Duritz

Question 7:If you could travel in a cool time machine, where the hell would you go?
all the way back to...1973?
maybe...the year 2060...
the f*ckin' 60's man! peace...
1st century Rome...

Question 8:What CD are you bopping along to now?
A Jimi Hendrix compilation
Earth, Wind & Fire
311 'from Chaos'
Dave Navarro 'Trust No One'
'Thank You For Being A Friend; The Best Of Andrew Gold'

Question 9:Who's your favourite actor/actress?
Humphrey Bogart all the way!
Sean Connery...HELLO the ORIGINAL Bond!
Jim Carey
Nicholas Cage
Barney Rubble

Question 10:Your first car?
A Honda Prelude
A Volkswagen Beetle
A Dodge lowrider truck
aw I still don't have one!
A Morris Marina

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