Which Garth Brooks song represents your love life?
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Which Garth Brooks song represents your love life?

Garth has written so many great songs about relationships... some touching, some funny, some pretty irrelevant. Which one is your love life? Remember this is just for fun. ;-)

Question 1:It's Friday night and your lover just dumped you for someone else, you...
... call someone else that you like. You're better off with them.
... show up where they went and party like you just don't care.
... go to the bar and mope in your beer, feeling sorry for yourself.
... grab him/her, kiss them until his/her toes curl. Profess your undying love.

Question 2:Your idea of a romantic date is...
... sharing a blanket in the bleachers at a football game on a cool fall day.
... loud music, lots of friends, and good beer.
... staying in, watching movies, and cuddling.
... anything your lover wants.

Question 3:Your ideal lover...
... is someone that just 'feels right' and you're comfortable with.
... that enjoys the things you do.
... just doesn't exist.
... is your soulmate.

Question 4:The love of your life has to move for an important opportunity in their career, you...
... figure that if it's meant to be, you'll find a way to be together.
... get mad that their job is more important, and go have a party to show you don't care.
... lose massive amounts of sleep while trying to drive back and forth between your towns.
... quit your job the next day and move with them.

Question 5:You come home to find your lover waiting for you with a drink. It is...
... your favorite brand of beer in a bottle.
... a keg of beer... and a bunch of friends to share it with.
... a ice cold mug of beer... but you get called back into work before you can drink it.
... beer of course, but who cares! Just kiss him or her and shut the door!

Question 6:Your significant other wants to go out and party with his/her friends without you. You...
... tell him/her to have a good time, and then hig her/him when they return.... ask if they had fun.
... call your friends and have your own party together.
... let them go, and then sit home and feel sorry for yourself until they get back.
... tell him/her to have a good time and then plan a romantic surprise for when he/she gets back.

Question 7:The love of your life returns to town after having left you 5 years ago, you...
... hope they are as happy with their life as you are with yours.
... 'show up' at a party where they are and party like you don't care.
... go to a bar and mope in your beer.
... arrange to 'bump into them' at a party, grab and kiss them until their toes curl.

Question 8:You both go to the video store to pick out a movie. You both want something different so you...
... compromise on something.
... get what you want.
... get both.
... get what makes him/her happy.

Question 9:The sheets on your bed ...
... are nice cool cotton. The two of you will warm them up.
... keep popping off the mattress from all the action!
... are flannel. They'll keep you warm when your love isn't.
... are satin... nicely rumpled. ;-)

Question 10:For your honeymoon, you'll...
... go to a romantic bed and breakfast.
... pass out after having partied too much at the reception.
... find a hotel along the highway on the way out of town.
... spend it finding ways to please your new spouse in EVERY way possible. *wink, wink*

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