Which Aaliyah Sountrack are You????
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Which Aaliyah Sountrack are You????

Find out here.

Question 1:If you were to do a movie, what type of movie would it be?
A Fun Comedy.
A Cartoon.
An action packed, kick ass kinda movie.

Question 2:Which song do you like the most?
Journey to the Past
Are You That Somebody
Try Again

Question 3:If you performed a song at the Grammy's, which one would it be?
Journey to the Past
Try Again
Are You That Somebody

Question 4:Sometimes I'm goody goody, right now I'm (choose a answer that best describes you)...
I'm gonna try again.
naughty naughty.
on to find my future.

Question 5:Have you ever lost something that you really needed to find?
Yes....my dog. *Yells* Come here Lucky!!!!
Yes...the key to my shop Serpentine Fire.
Yes....my home and family.

Question 6:If you were in a movie, you would want your name to be...
Dr. Dolittle

Question 7:What song can you relate to more?
Journey to the Past.
Try Again.
Are You That Somebody

Question 8:If you could have one odd sound in the background of your song, what would it be?
No odd sounds, just tight beats.
A baby.
My family at a ball.

Question 9:Can you fight?
Ummmm...I really need somebody, tell me you're that somebody.
Hell yes! I know how to defend myself.

Question 10:Can you dance?
Not really, but I like walking in the snow.
Of course I can.
I can dance my ass off.

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