Which Heartsong Are You?
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Which Heartsong Are You?

The "Which Heartsong Are You?" Test reveals which Heartsong from the works of Mattie J.T. Stepanek you are.

Question 1:Have you ever suffered the loss of a loved one?
Yes; I hardly knew them, but I know that they meant a lot to those who did
Yes; I would have given my own life to save them because I loved them so much
No; I would be heartbroken if one of my friends or family members died, though
No; Not since I was born, my family and friends are all in perfect health at the moment *knocks on wood*
Yes; Several of my family members have passed away and I'm still recovering

Question 2:Do you think there's enough peace in the world today?
Definitely not ; Someone should do something about it . . . hmmm, maybe I could
Enough as there's ever going to be
Nah; what with 9/11 and everything, there's too much hate; everyone should just stop and give their neighbor a kind word every now and then
Yep, sure do; I've got all the peace I need on my hammock in the backyard, although it would be nice to share it with others
No; there's so many horrible things in the world today, so much filth, arguments, deaths, etc.

Question 3:When you wish upon a falling star, what do you wish for?
I wish for less destruction of nature
I wish for my loved one(s) to be here with me even though I know they're in a better place
I wish for a brighter and less painful future
I wish to be free of fear
I wish for peace

Question 4:Do you think people need to take more time before making a decision or acting?
No; You should just live life to the fullest every day before something bad happens that could take away that freedom
Yes; I also think that they should take the time to think about those that are disabled physically and mentally
No; I just think that people should notice and be aware of all the beautiful things in our world
Yes; so many people get hurt every day because we don't take the time to think about what we're doing
Yes; your words can make your verbal "victim" even turn suicidal

Question 5:Choose a line:
I'll keep on walking
But I'll never give up
What the depths of tomorrow may hold for me
But today's kindness has been as far as the sea
There's no way of finding

Question 6:Choose one thing that you can/cannot live without:
Cannot / hope
Cannot / family
Cannot / peace
Cannot / color
Can / fear

Question 7:Which of the following comes the closest to describing your perfect day?
A day when I could by surrounded by friends and family that are with me now and that have passed
A day when I could be free of any "chains" such as diseases, blindness, lameness, etc.
A day when I would not cry or worry
A day when my pals and I could tidy up our community
A day when I could spread my beliefs and peace throughout the world

Question 8:Choose a saying that you like or can relate to you:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Confucius/Bible, etc.
"Dreams are necessary to life." Ananis
"It is important never to dwell on the past." Anonymous
"If we never try, we shall never succeed." Abraham Lincoln
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself." FDR

Question 9:You're walking down your drive to go home when you see a box. You . . . ?
Walk on by. It's only a box and I might be disappointed if nothing's inside.
Look inside and some rich and generous person has dropped off enough money for me to be cured!
Take a look and some beautiful photos are inside, but no doubt their owner will want them back . . . .
Open up the box and two friendship bracelets are inside! They are a bit raggedy, but my friend would love one!
Open it up and see nothing inside, so I continue my walk home.

Question 10:How do you like to express yourself?
Through spreading happiness and my beliefs
Through letting my anger out on paper
Through composing small pieces of music to prove that I can do things
Through talking with my family and friends
Through paint, pencils, crayons, basically any form of artistry

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