Which Country Bear Character Are You?
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Which Country Bear Character Are You?

Take this test to find out which Country Bear character you have most in common with!

Question 1:   What's your favorite food?
Anything goes
I don't care

Question 2:   Do you like your friends?
Yes, but they make me cry!
My new friends? Yes!
I used to...
You bet I do!

Question 3:   If you were in a band, would you do the singing?
No, I play the instruments
Not too much, but some
Yes, most of it
No, not at all

Question 4:   Do you have a job?
I'm not old enough
Yeah, but I don't like it
A bunch of different ones

Question 5:   Just for the fun of it, who's your favorite Country Bear character?
Ted Bedderhead
Beary Barrington
Fred Bedderhead
Tennessee O'Neil
Zeb Zoober

Question 6:   Are you big, physically?
I'm average
Kind of
Not really

Question 7:   If you found a 500$ bill on the ground, what would you do with it?
I don't know
Want to keep it, but turn it in to the police
Ignore it
I'd turn it in without hesitation
Keep it

Question 8:   Do you have a wild personality?
No, more like a whiny personality
Kinda, but not too much
Me? Not a chance...
You bet!
No...kinda goofy, but....

Question 9:   The Country Bears are:
Dumb and reckless
Pretty cool

Question 10:   What clothing best suites you?
Cool, different, like shorts and a jacket
Homey, natural, like sweatshirts and short-sleeves
Normal, plain, like vests and a hat
Loose, comfy, like suspenders
Fancy, snazzy, like jackets and sunglasses

Question 11:   Are you nice?
Yes, and determined too
Yeah, most of the time
When I want to be
I have to be, I have FEELINGS you know!
Of course!

Question 12:   Are you very shy or outgoing?
I'm both
I'm serious and calm
A little of both, but mostly calm
I'm outgoing and wild!
I'm outgoing only when I get emotional

Question 13:   Besides the instrument you already play, which other instrument would you choose?

Question 14:   Do you like to eat?
When I'm hungry, yeah!
Not seriously
Yeah, most of the time!
Not really

Question 15:   Last but not least, what would you want to change about yourself?
I shouldn't be such a baby
I need to be more trustworthy
I have no flaws!
I need to concentrate more
I should work as a team

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